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posted by L4D_L4D2Fanatic
This is my made up Recepe.
First:add a crab cakes inner lining Second:Add cooked Sing beans to a seperate bowl.Third:Add floss berrie tie this around a sing bean
Forth:Add a cut Crazy fruit
Fith:Add Tonuts minitureized by Cinamini powder to the first bowl Sixth:Add a Bluenanas gooey center shaped like a Rectangular prism
Seventh:Bake both for 5 minutes a 120 degrees
Eighth:Take of Oven dump Sing beans and the choped Crazy fruit into the first bowl
Ninth:Put in oven for 20 minutes at 300 degrees
Tenth:Once you take it out the Cake should have a Bluenana stage,an inner lining of a Crab cake held to the top of the stage with toenuts,a Crazy fruit audience,and Sing beans on stage singing
posted by codythemaster
chowder:wow mung its a nosehair trimer

mung daal:well chowder you got to know the price first

chowder:well mung I just know the price off of my laptop

mung daal:well chowder how much is it a measly $1.00

chowder:heres the price

mung daal:oh my goodness chowder thats alot of money you have a look at it shnitzel

shnitzel:rada rada rada rada rada!

mung daal:yes you are in every part of way correct shnitzel


chowder:well I still got a cloning machine just take an ordinary dollar bill and clone it to make a million dollars hahahahahahahahaha


(everyone who is curiose of how much the nosehair trimer was it was 3000000 dollars ya I bet you would kill chowder that is alot of money isint it?)MERRY KNISHMAS!
posted by codythemaster
docter:hey hey hey chowder

mung daal:so chowder doesint have to go to coo coo colledge

docter:no he just has a case of panini phobia

mung daal:what the heck is panini phobia

docter:panini phobia is that chowder needs to talk to panini more often

chowder:no no no! I dont want to be called the boy who was a panini lover

docter:It's either that chowder or you die painfully

chowder:ok Ill date panini for a week then break up with her just to get rid of the panini phobia

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:oh thanks for the you should die card shnitzel

shnitzel:rada rada

posted by bcthestrongest
Pinky:a friend of chowder she is all pink and a sister of paini
sunshine:a friend of gorazla she is yellow with pokadots
sad:a friend of paini he is a blue dude
their all my character just from chowder i dont got pictures or nothing their just cute yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaayayayayyayayayayayayayyayaayayayya
posted by codythemaster
chowder is a young food apprientis who serves mung daal.chowder helps mung daal cook food.but sometimes there things serving up trouble in the kitchen.but chowder is always there to make that trouble funny.made in 2007.mung daal has an enimy.endive.and her apprientis panini.panini always suggests that chowder is her boyfriend.but every time that happens chowder always says to panini:IM NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!chowder has a stink cloud pet named kinchie.mung daal has a wife named the episode grubble gum chowder said he knew what would would happen if knowone shared with truffles.:chowder...
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truffles:no one ever talked to me about mount food you guys beter speak up now!

mung daal:chowder got a letter to deliver some fruit cake if you jone us you won't hurt my mustache

truffle:ok then but you beter be nice too me

shnitzel:rada rada rada

mung daal:no shnitzel don't be too harsh

(so the journey was hard but partley easy but they finely made it to mount food

jake:wheres my drink

chowder:in this letter jake you said you only wanted fruit cake

jake:don't tell me you forgot my drink!how am i soppose to eat this fruit cake without my drink!

mung daal:well got to go


posted by codythemaster
mung daal:panini for president!

shnitzel:rada ror rada rada

chowder:why in heck's name do you want panini to win

mung daal:chowder you should be happy panini will close something down so that she will get to be your boyfriend

chowder:heck I guess I got to try out for president

panini:hey chowder being president will be awesome!

chowder:ok skunkbag but I am running against you beat that!

panini:fine chowder!if you want to be that way I guess we shall both be presedent


the end
posted by codythemaster
chowder:hey mung what the heck are you cooking today

mung daal:well chowder it was going to be secrit but oh what the heck its the frinckled thingy

chowder:is it like that time shnitzel.......

mung daal:no no no chowder no one can realive what shnitzel did

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:Is it for my birthday

mung daal:hey wait chowder it's not your birthday

chowder:then who in the heck's bithday is it

mung daal:well it's my wife's birthday


truffle's:wow there having a sale on footballs


truffle's:why you chowder you distracted me

chowder:oh no! here we go again

posted by Tripenguinman
Endive seems to have some kind of crush on Mung. It is even possible, when she says: (talking about men) "Then they have gaul to not show up to the wedding!" maybe Mung could have been the one who stood her up. She seemed to want to be alone with him in the episode: "The Apperentice Games". She has stopped showing these signs but she might start again. Who knows? But maybe she has a love our favorite cooking master. The facts maybe small but they can add up to something. Maybe some of her apperentic, our chowder lover, has been rubbing off on her. They aren't really as hostile as they use to be. The only episode that shows this hostility as it was is: "Endive's Dirty Secret".
chowder:that is it don't cry mung I will take care of this butt custumer

jake:another one I told you little friend I aint paying for that!

chowder:well this ones on the house!

mung daal:did he change his mind

chowder:sure did ate the whole thing in one bite!

mung daal:well everybody lets go back to my kitchen!

(so they went back to the kitchen only to find out that a giant rat has eatin all of mung daals food and recipes)

mung daal:my kitchen chowder get out there and kill that rat!

chowder:ok mung

(so when this episode comes to a closing I want you to remember merry knishmas!)
chowder:hey mung and shnitzel we got a big package

mung daal:hey chowder is that your brain

shnitzel:rey rowder res rat roar rada rada

mung daal:hey shnitzel thats a little to harsh

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:no none of that its a message

mung daal:oh is it a message from shnitzels great grandpa?

chowder:heck no!its a message to go to mount food

mung daal:hey chowder why do we got to go to mount food

chowder:it says here to deliver fruit cake

mung daal:ok lets go to mount food you too shnitzel you got to clean up the messes on the way

shnitzel:(crying)rada rada rada

truffles:what who's going what?

NEXT TIME:chowder shnitzel and mung daal want to go but whats the deal with truffles find out next time on chowder