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Who agrees with me?  AmandaLynn1288 6 4126 over a year ago
chris brown  crose12 0 2807 over a year ago
is chris brown  briawilliams 0 2503 over a year ago
Would you pass out if you saw Chris Brown?  coolchic8 0 3132 over a year ago
Hilarious Chris Brown Sketch Premiering On Key & Peele October 10, 2012 at 10:30 ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL  KeyandPeele 0 5084 over a year ago
wat wood u do if u met chris brown?  gyjkg 0 2350 over a year ago
Love  chloeking3210 1 2561 over a year ago
Look at meh now  prodigygfishere 2 2069 over a year ago
Chris Brown fanfiction  rawkstarr 0 3920 over a year ago
Win a Trip to the 2012 Grammy Awards with Fuse's Watch & Win Grammy Takeover Sweeps!  InTheWind 0 2513 over a year ago
Chris Brown  mizzlaurie 4 3507 over a year ago
TYGA TOURS WITH CHRIS BROWN!  HipHollywood 0 1735 over a year ago
Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute @ the BET Awards!!!  s190 2 1878 over a year ago
chris brown. isnt he just great?  Becca-Amyx 4 2400 over a year ago
Chris Brown & his Twitter!  monLOVEbrucas 5 3263 over a year ago
R U Going To Support Chris Brown's Album  cbrownfanatic 0 3017 over a year ago
Chris Brown's plea deal  webbtab 0 2314 over a year ago
Chris Brown's request denied  webbtab 0 2015 over a year ago
My B-day  tw33tybird 1 2104 over a year ago
Chris Brown's new cd Exclusive  luvin_dat_boii 3 2199 over a year ago
hes just tottally such a bad guy  hellojobro98 5 2834 over a year ago
Did he propose  LuvJustin22 5 1566 over a year ago
Chris Brown Songs  luvin_dat_boii 1 1368 over a year ago
Can u believe  LuvJustin22 1 2138 over a year ago
Hey  LuvJustin22 2 1552 over a year ago
Rhianna  jackluva06 4 2390 over a year ago
This Christmas (2007)  kimbo9225 0 1706 over a year ago
Mrs. Marisa Brown  luvin_dat_boii 1 1944 over a year ago
Exclusive  luvin_dat_boii 0 1791 over a year ago
Chris  jackluva06 2 1548 over a year ago