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posted by forevermaria
10 top chris jericho quotes:

#1 "I really don't care if Stephanie enjoys kissing Kurt Angle. Or if Kurt Angle enjoys kissing Stephanie. Or hell, if Kurt Angle enjoys kissing Triple H! Cause as far as I'm
concerned all three of you can kiss my ass!"

#2 Now you're the Queen of Hardcore, but Movies don't Count!" - Chris Jericho to Stephanie

#3 Vince: "OK!! Now go out there and kick DDP's butt, Junior!!"
Jericho: "OK, Ju--- Senior!"

#4 This is about more then just about you! This is about more then all of us! This is about ME!” (Accepting award for best match for TLC III, along with all other...
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posted by Lucia322
"I wish you the beast of luck!"
"If you smelllelelelelellll what Y2J is cooking!"
"you stupid srtuuuuuupid son of a *****!"
"Oh my God I killed Juvi!"
"Stephanie, you're the breast, I mean BEST!"
"Where is the ring?(Him vs Goldberg)
"Kane you are the ugliest 'diva' in the entire WWE"
"Welcome to RAW is Jericho"
"It will never EEEver happen again"
To Shane "Every day you come out here, these people call you that word that rhymes with wussy(audience
:Pussy)oh yeah, that's right!"
"You're sanctimonious son of a *****"
(audience:Jericho suck)"I don't suck!"
(spils coffee on Kane)"Sorry, didn't mean to burn...
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posted by Lucia322
Come on, (Jerichooo)
You know I got ya,yeah
One, break the wall down,
(Break down the walls),

For those about to rock, and what ya want?
Baby you know you're Judas and I'm your priest.
Baby what I got is not from the least
Bring it through the stage in the rage I'm the beast.
Step in the arena and break the wall down,
Step in the arena and break the wall down

So good (you know I got ya), sooo right,
Yeahhh, yeah.

I'm awaken from a deep sleep,
You're all weak,
You're living in the agony of defeat
I am the master of your whole heap
I am the pasture flock ya like sheep.
Step into the town and break the walls...
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In 2004, 7-year-old Kassell had his wish granted to meet his wrestling idol Chris Jericho. He suffers from cerebral palsy and was given this chance to wish by international children’s charity Kids Wish Network.

Kassell and his family were flown to New York for his wish, where they enjoyed a limousine ride to Madison Square Garden. A representative from the WWE met them at the box office and then took them backstage for a special meeting with Chris Jericho.

To read about all the details from this wish-come-true, visit link!

Kids Wish Network is an international charitable organization dedicated...
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9/7/08 Unforgiven. Beat Batista, Kane, JBL, Rey Mysterio.
11/3/08 Regained the title from Batista.
12/9/01 Vegeance. Beat Stone Cold Steve Austin.
World Tag Team Championship
5/21/02 w/Chris Benoit. Beat HHH & Stone Cold Steve Austin.
10/22/01 w/The Rock. Beat The Dudley Boyz.
10/14/02 w/Christian. Beat Kane & Hurricano.
Intercontinental Championship
12/12/99 Beat Chyna.
1/3/00 Beat Chyna.
1/23/00 Beat Chyna & Bob Holly.
5/4/00 Beat Chris Benoit.
11/21/01 Beat Chris Benoit.
9/16/02 Beat Rob Van Dam.
10/27/03 Beat Rob Van Dam.
9/2/04 Beat Christian.
3/10/08 Beat Jeff Hardy.
Hardcore Title
5/28/01 Beat The Big Show.
European Title
4/2/00 Beat Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle
There is one thing you can say about Chris Jericho — the guy knows how to make an entrance.

During the summer of 1999, a millennium clock began counting down on Raw. WWE fans spent weeks wondering what the timer was leading to before getting an answer on Aug. 9 when the clock struck zero and Y2J appeared. Audaciously interrupting The Rock, the confident new competitor immediately announced himself as a performer who wasn’t afraid to make a statement.

Some people would crack under the hype of such a big debut. Jericho exceeded it. Over the next decade, The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla grabbed...
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Not sure if I should post it here or on the main WWE board, but the list was the best part of Raw last night:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Eddie Guerrero
Rey Misterio
the Big Show
the Undertaker "who I beat twice, might I add"

"The list goes on and on and on."

CM Punk


Invader I
Invader II
Villano I
(Villano) II
(Villano) III
(Villano) IV
(Villano) V
Juventud Guerrera
Apolo Dantes
Ringo Mendoza Jr.
the Great Muta
Masahiro Chono
Yoshi Tatsu
Perro Saturn
Dean Malenko
Lex Luger
Ric Flair
Bill Goldberg
Booker T
Stevie Ray
Scott Norton
Buff Bagwell
Flash Flannigan
Flash Funk
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Razor Ramon
American Starship Eagle
Mr. X...

Incredible list!

There are only two pro athletes left in this season’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and occasional Times blogger Hannah Mitchell, 10, had a chance to sit down with one of them, Chris Jericho, along with his pro dance partner, Cheryl Burke, and ask them a few questions.

Hi, Hannah Mitchell here, and what better way to follow up on my Vancouver adventure and my Kings-Zamboni ride than by sitting down with former WWE champion Chris Jericho and two-time “Dancing With the Stars” champion Cheryl Burke. They invited me to their dance studio to answer some questions. They were both really nice,...
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January 31 2011

Ever since Chris Jericho walked away from WWE four months ago, people have been wondering when he will be returning to the wrestling company.

Not just wondering either -- besieging him with comments saying that they want him back in the ring sooner rather than later. It's something that fans have been through before with Jericho as he left wrestling in 2005 and took a two-year hiatus before returning to WWE.

He has openly said that he's not sure when or even if he will be back in wrestling. But Jericho also admits that he considers a return right now.

"I consider it always because...
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posted by anna_bella_duff
When I think about some of the best WWE Superstars in recent memory, a few names pop up in my mind as well as everyone else's. But one name that consistently comes up with just about everyone is the name Chris Jericho

Jericho has been wanting to break out in the pop culture world in both acting and music. His band Fozzy has sold a ton of records world wide and have finally gotten to a point where they are doing well on American radio.

Their metal-like rock music seems to be striking a cord with we Americans, and worldwide they've always done well. This is why Jericho has left WWE. He was given...
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Congrats to Chris Jericho for his amazing run on DWTS on ABC. @IAmJericho is one of the most multi talented performers with which I’ve ever been associated. Without question, one has to assume that many doors were opened by Chris’ performance on DWTS as it relates to potential, future gigs in ‘Hollywood’. We’re getting tons of emails and tweets @JRsBBQ asking when Jericho is coming back to WWE. I have heard nothing regarding this matter from any one in any official capacity. I do think that Chris will likely have another run in WWE but whether it is this year or next is completely Chris and the WWE’s call. The day Jericho returns he will zoom up the ladder as arguably the most talented, all around grappler on the roster at this time.

BTW if you haven’t read Chris’ 2nd book ‘Undisputed” I highly recommend it. I’ve read it twice.

Chris Jericho has tough competition on Dancing with the Stars but the stars of WWE are in his corner as they watch him dance each week.

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho has what it takes to win Dancing with the Stars‘ mirror ball trophy according to the stars of WWE! WWE Diva Natalya told that she can’t wait for him to win and have her own dance lesson with the star.

“He is nailing it, he is amazing. I think he is going to win it,” she told us at Wrestlemania in Atlanta. “I can’t wait to see him win it and then come back to the WWE and teach me how to dance!”

WWE Hall...
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posted by forevermaria
Chris jericho is a great wrestler and a singer and now he proved to be a great dancer!
jericho always liked to take hard chalnges and now he faces a specil chalinge DANCING!
on the first episode in dancing with the stars he overall did a very good job i really hope that he keeps on the good work.
at the end i just wanna say vote for jericho

call 1-800-868-3409. You can also vote online:

To vote online, you need to register & confirm your email address.


Most people know Chris Jericho as won of the best WWE fighters around with 9 championships under his belt. But when he isn't in the ring he is the stage with his group Fozzy. Levi Buckley got a phone call from him to talk up the upcoming Australian tour.

Your touring Australia in December, are you looking forward it?

Yeah we came over in 2005 we had a great time and a great tour so we’re really excited to come back. We just finished up a long tour in the UK England, Scotland and Wales. I was really happy with how the band went. The crowds were great, the shows were...
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