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Does cb habe facebook??  CutieSmarties 7 2388 over a year ago
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introduce yourselvesss :] (i'm boreddd :D)  pushxplayx12 3 1196 over a year ago
beadles is hot  samthecutiee223 1 620 over a year ago
chris and cath :)  JDB4life 200 9118 over a year ago
Sign here if you want Chris to get a fanpop :p  ItsJBbaby 6 940 over a year ago
Sign here if you think CHRISTIAN BEADLES is HOT!!!!!  zoesmile 9 1828 over a year ago
why i love jb  aburger 2 782 over a year ago
Unicorn farting rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  haha2788 0 9334 over a year ago
1 Brand New Vid From The Ah-mazing Christian Beadles!!  cbeadlessss 1 999 over a year ago
Christian Beadles  Sydney34179 5 882 over a year ago
sexychris u left us justin bieber fans.  lovejbforever 6 1408 over a year ago
Luv you Guys  JBLover225 13 995 over a year ago
chris and rianna :)  ChristianB 113 6913 over a year ago
please tell me why!!!!????  Danni3L33 0 857 over a year ago
Christian Beadles  Sydney34179 0 707 over a year ago
Christian is hot!  oficciancbfan16 0 923 over a year ago
CHRIS + RIANNA = CHRIANNA  JBCBLOVEEE 26 2818 over a year ago
put who ever u luv down ;)  JBCBLOVEEE 21 821 over a year ago
Rob nd ****  JDB4life 6 389 over a year ago