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Claire Bear
Claire Bear
The Claire Quiz, The answers are at the bottom under the questions. GOOD LUCK

1: According to Broody Mitchum in Collision, what does Claire never drink?

a:Plain Milk
b:Chocolate Milk
c:Orange juice

2: In season 2, Mr Bennet gives Claire a present, what is it?
a:A new dress
b:A car
c:A new cheerleading outfit
d:A golden locket

3:What does Claire's dad bring back from his 'Buisness trips'?
b:Teddy Bears
c:Cuddley Rabbits

4: In season two's Lizards, what does Claire retrieve for her mom from the pan of boiling water?
a:A ring
b:A coin
c:A cell Phone
d:Her Keys

5: What is Claire's family...
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