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Great song!Shakira ftw!WORLD CUP FEVER GOES ON:D :*
world cup
this time for africa
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Lyrics to Me Lene Popi (My Name Is Popi) :
Ena dio tria
Me lene Popi, san ti giagia mu tin kaliopi
Ach, na me legane Kiveli
Mu pigeni pio poli afto to lamda me to i
tessera pente eksi! Me lene Popi!
Ki oso ki an drepome gi'afto mia mera tha se pandrefto

Ha ha. Mi gielas. Hthes to ipa sti mama, ki aku, tis ksefige ena ma!
pu na to po ke ston baba, aftos tha mini me to ba!

Pio tragudi na su stilo, na ne kokino san milo
ke analafro san ena filo.
Sta malia su na kathisi san puli na kelaidisi
ke glika-glika na se filisi
ena tragudi gia na to vazis tin ora pu diavazis

Efta ohto enia.
Gia sena dinome ke vgeno diavazo...
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the sisterhood of the traveling pants
best friends
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An hsoun mazi mou alliws 8 3ypnousa 8 xa allh anapnoh ki ola alliws 8a ta hsoun mazi m..alliws 8 ponousa...pio glyka kai pio apla....alliws 8 zousa...!
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Me and Shada's hands
Me and Shada's hands
Once there was a girl named...Abby,This is her life.

Mom:Honey WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
Abby:Whoa what??
Mom:Time for sixth grade!
Abby:Oh yeah!!

I got dressed in a shirt with a heart made with hands.I ran downstairs,ate breakfast....Walked to school...At least I could see my friend,Shada.
Me:I missed you so bad!!!
Shada:Lets go!!
I ran to class...Or tried....
Shada:Ask if you can come over later!
Me:But wont it be crowded?You know,in a tiny apartment?
Shada:We'll be outside!!
Me:K!See ya Shada!
My shirt
My shirt
posted by HaleyDewit
Frustration is causing me to pull my hair out
Desperation is causing me to cry my heart out
Imagination has caused my head into the clouds
But realization has caused me to tumble down

Of all the guys I got to know you’re the one I will remember
And I won’t shed a tear, but inside I’ll cry a river

I’m falling back down to earth
My feet steady on the ground
If anything I’ve learned from love
It’s you get lost but never found
Broken down from these emotions
I realize how unfair life is
Still I can’t stop believing
There’s gotta be more than this

Acting like a bitch I abreact on my friends
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Lost season 6

Episode 16: What They Died For

Που είμαστε: Μετά το επεισόδιο για την ιστορία του τροπικού κωλόνησου επανερχόμαστε στη δράση. Έχει βυθιστεί το υποβρύχιο και έχουν πεθάνει το Κορεάτικο ζευγάρι, ο Ιρακινός μαστρο-νίντζα Sayid και μάλλον ο ξοφλημένος πιλότος Φρανκ. Σώθηκαν και βρίσκονται στην παραλία, του τροπικού κωλόνησου όπως θα δούμε...
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Lost season 6

Episode 15: Across The Sea

Που είμαστε: Δεν έχει σημασία το επεισόδιο αυτό είναι ιστορικό, γενεολογικό ότι θέλετε. Μας δείχνει πράγματα και θαύματα την ιστορία του καπνού-τέρας και του αόρατου Τζέικομπ και μαζί τους την ιστορία του τροπικού κωλόνησου. Επειδή και πάλι παρόλο που το επεισόδιο ήταν επικεντρωμένο σ' αυτόν δεν μάθαμε το...
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posted by HaleyDewit
You made a promise
But you couldn't keep
You took an oath
But you broke it anyway
You made me believe
I was the only girl on your mind
But how could I ever be
When your ex's just a phone call away

I've counted the days
Since we seperate
But it was for the better
That I let you walk away

You should get back to your ex-girlfriend
I guess we just arrived at the bitter end
Of you and me
We were never meant to be
You shouldn't say that you're sorry
'Cause I know you never really loved me
You were just playing with my heart
And now the game has tore us apart

I should be honest
You're not the only one to blame
I should've...
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Τελικός πιστευω θα είναι Βαλάντω ή Νικολ :D
greek idol
house md
season 6
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