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what was that comic? please help...  agentdeath 0 793 over a year ago
The rivalry between comic book fans: Love it or hate it?  HalJordanK 0 1223 over a year ago
Which one of these banned or cancelled comic book you want to read?  rocketscientis 0 1405 over a year ago
Marvel Vs. DC  Masiki12 0 1408 over a year ago
¿who is best flash, barry allen or wally west?  fofillo 0 1410 over a year ago
favorite hero or villain  nelly3000 2 843 over a year ago
Are comic books made for the male population?  Askcomics 1 1133 over a year ago
Comic books...  dustfinger 1 1412 over a year ago
The Marvel Universe by Nick Bradshaw  spidercents 0 807 over a year ago
The DALLAS COMIC CON returns in May 21-22 with Stan Lee  koose 0 1075 over a year ago
The Simpsons Comic Book Universe  KrustyBart 0 1134 over a year ago
Dallas Comic Con this August 28-29  koose 0 899 over a year ago
Comic book grafic Novel  axemnas 0 474 over a year ago
PR: Defendor  cinemedia 0 808 over a year ago
Rad new graphic novel  tommy2012 2 721 over a year ago
Please Help  wildsey 2 749 over a year ago
Exlusive Interviews on  porto5 0 967 over a year ago
Comic Book Writer Chris Yost's Exclusive Interview on >  porto5 0 598 over a year ago
Comics, Comics, Comics  Dusty12345 0 411 over a year ago
PR: Batman The Brave & The Bold featuring Neil Patrick Harris  cinemedia 0 661 over a year ago
Create Your Own Comic Book Character for LCW!  porto5 0 620 over a year ago
PR: Green Lantern First Flight  cinemedia 0 662 over a year ago
New CB Network Seeks Artists and Writers  porto5 0 432 over a year ago
New Marvel Animated Video  Gourmandhast 0 559 over a year ago
Dog Eaters: A New Manga-Style Comic Book Miniseries  bluecat 0 483 over a year ago
Fans Opinions Required!  samgaunt1988 0 383 over a year ago
What would you say is the most GEEK friendly city ?  Gen13_fan 2 994 over a year ago
Loughborough Games and Comics Day  benji 0 864 over a year ago