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posted by AudreyLover
It's Always Gonna Be You & Me♥
It's Always Gonna Be You & Me♥
301 Everyone

“Now feels like the beginning of something. So I’m waiting… For a signal.” – Cook

“Sweet” – Effy

“Ah, there we are. And the wolf shall lie down with the lamb.” – Cook

“The game is on, Freddie, you wanna play?”- Cook

” She’s a naughty, naughty little girl. And I don’t like to disappoint.” – Cook

“They don’t have a nurse.” – Effy

“Grab my balls.” – Cook

302 Cook

“Hey, baby” – Cook

“What, so you’re offing this party as “shit”, yeah?” – Cook
“It’s shit.” – Effy

“What is he doing now?” – Effy

“Cool party” – Effy...
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posted by doraaaayeah
"He was very romantic." - KAYA

"It's good that he's an actor because he understands it all. And we can practice our lines together. He'll stay with me for a week, and we go to my family's place in Brighton. It's just amazing that we manage to make it work. It just sort of happened. We don't need to try." - KAYA

"I think my type would probably more be the Cook.
the kind of... angry, kind of thing." - KAYA

"I can understand why Effy loves Cook." - KAYA

"It would take a lot for things to be awkward between us." - JACK

"Preferably... Eh, don't know. All the boys seem to like Effy, don't they?" - JACK

"I care about him a lot." - KAYA

"I could've married him." - KAYA
James & Elizabeth
James & Elizabeth
1. Their first meeting was amazing-

"Now feels like the beginning of something. So I’m waiting… For a signal."

2. Effy always ends up with Cook in the end-

"It’s you and me, babe. It’s always gonna be you and me. It’s always you and me."

3. She's Princess and he's Cookie -

"Effy doesn’t want me anymore. Do you, princess...?"

4. She gets jealous over him-

"He’s not the one you want, Eff."
"Shut up."
"Wait. It was one time right? Your party. It was only once, right?"

5. They have the BEST quotes-

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"
"Sometimes I think I was born...
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