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Why are some actors listed as starring and some with?  JTangye 0 366 5 months ago
New Club Look Suggestions [CLOSED]  jlhfan624 7 427 11 months ago
boycott!!!!!  allyxx 12 8059 over a year ago
Shemar departing watch gift  crimialmindsfam 0 5645 over a year ago
Would You Rather  nikki8green6 14 8990 over a year ago
New Spot Look Ideas  LoveSterlingB 3 6869 over a year ago
Unanswered questions???  herricane53 0 7050 over a year ago
Dr. spencer reed and Agent derek morgan  XxmousexX 1 6997 over a year ago
Declan  DaniMo 1 10967 over a year ago
Win an autographed photo signed by Joe Mantegna, Dennis Faina, Gary Sinise and more  1UCAANORG 0 3112 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Icon Challenge [Hiatus]  nikki8green6 464 39389 over a year ago
The kiss, hug & slap game!  magsf99 219 24635 over a year ago
Snog, marry or avoid game  crazygal27 128 9050 over a year ago
cast appearences  levart13 0 2153 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Episode 10in10 Icon Contest [Closed until further notice]  twilighter4evr 222 13052 over a year ago
watch more minds  dejhanec 0 2469 over a year ago
^, <, V Game  Blue85 173 14287 over a year ago
Everytime.... (Forum Game)  nikki8green6 14 2468 over a year ago
If you could make any Criminal Minds episode..  slytherin713 2 3371 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Time Game!  girly_girl 621 26591 over a year ago
CHARACTER ELIMINATION GAME  mikfan9 7 2927 over a year ago
Corrupted Wish  nikki8green6 2 2051 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Banner Contest [CLOSED]  nikki8green6 191 19385 over a year ago
Caption Contest ~CLOSED  nikki8green6 227 23177 over a year ago
Haley and Aaron Hotcnher  fabjac 0 2257 over a year ago
Rate the CM Characters  crazygal27 13 3282 over a year ago
FAMOUS FAN  aleamu 0 2569 over a year ago
Not Criminal Mind related (but will help your mind)  GospelRapper 0 2503 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Hangman  edajsmyth 657 33663 over a year ago
Character Elimination (Round 3!)  magsf99 2918 110939 over a year ago
Countdown to 2000 fans  suu 178 7583 over a year ago
This or That?  girly_girl 68 6238 over a year ago
why does he stutter?  ILUVHOTCH 4 63895 over a year ago
Unsub ideas  CanzetYote 0 1881 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Relatibles!!!  ARS333 0 1830 over a year ago
Gideon in Season 7 Finale?!  mikfan9 7 3680 over a year ago
Top Five Characters  makintosh 67 6839 over a year ago
When do you notice that you are obsessed with Criminal Minds?  prentissadmirer 21 2442 over a year ago
hotch or reid  ILUVHOTCH 29 6013 over a year ago
If?  AgentChristine 2 2175 over a year ago
You'd never hear them say...  Zivarox 8 1885 over a year ago
CBS Decision to FIRE AJ Cook - What Do You Think?  Terra5 46 15031 over a year ago
Next episode, Corazone, reid hallucinations  Excommunicated 2 2816 over a year ago
New Criminal Minds book  topcmfan 1 1466 over a year ago
Who is the target audience for Criminal Minds and why?  izdvd 1 7015 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Hangman  Rimasters 1 1380 over a year ago
Yes or no game  noni12345678901 0 1938 over a year ago
Guess that CM Chacter:Part 2  hottiecoolcat 7 2032 over a year ago
great news!  foxybaby1392 2 1936 over a year ago
Guess that CM character!  girly_girl 249 14756 over a year ago
Emily and JJ Fans  ninjaboicm 0 2292 over a year ago
Season finale.  MayaTheGerbil 0 1493 over a year ago
Beta Readers?  SoftxDxBall 1 1580 over a year ago
Brewster/Prentiss exit speculation  HouseAddict87 4 2842 over a year ago
Prentiss is leaving?!  thesizz_x3 4 8463 over a year ago
is anyone else upset about this?  hannah16 12 2995 over a year ago
News about the "blow up"!!! (CONTAINS SPOILER)  gubie_lover_13 11 19168 over a year ago
Dying to know which episode this is?  Nitelistner 1 1916 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Icon Contest! CLOSED  girly_girl 50 3837 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Screencaps  suu 36 15557 over a year ago
100 hundred reasons to watch criminal minds  allyxx 50 4170 over a year ago
CM Picture Hunt!  girly_girl 230 44844 over a year ago
Jessica Brooks  newoli03 0 3886 over a year ago
Criminal MInds Charactor Theme Songs  kakashi_amw 7 2550 over a year ago
Criminal Minds A-Z  Celina79 59 4520 over a year ago
CM episode/Fan Fiction Idea! Opinions Needed!  HouseAddict87 2 1693 over a year ago
Rossi  Pixie-Profiler 1 1841 over a year ago
Pictured Serial Killers  vanburenboys 1 11434 over a year ago
CM True or False  Zivarox 4 2082 over a year ago
Character Role Play Game ?  Evanescencefan 12 3615 over a year ago
Spencer Reid doll  karmala 0 5265 over a year ago
Happy Birthday Matthew Gray Gubler!  suu 2 1924 over a year ago
Reeds cane  rainman0 5 15887 over a year ago
"Our Darkest Hour" - Season 5 Finale -Three Guest Star  cmanonimo 6 3380 over a year ago
VERY IMPORTANT!!! TELL EVERYBODY!!!  spencerfave 7 2545 over a year ago
MGG to direct!  atob211 6 2787 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Game!!!! 20 Q's, free to all :D  Hannah94 99 13833 over a year ago
Marry, Sleep with, Kill - Criminal Minds Game!  KissKill16 8 2864 over a year ago
What do you M/G fans out their think about Lynch?  emzypemzy 1 2015 over a year ago
Best CM FanFic you've ever read...  SoftxDxBall 1 2731 over a year ago
Similarities between AJs and JJs leaving?  KissKill16 2 1311 over a year ago
New Episode - JJ  Pixie-Profiler 0 1574 over a year ago
What episode is this?  ion1626 3 1574 over a year ago
Penelope doll  karmala 1 1276 over a year ago
Favourite Quotes/Sayings and Why?  edajsmyth 34 10741 over a year ago
guess that episode!!  allyxx 11 1989 over a year ago
shemar moore  evelyn897 1 1541 over a year ago
Paget tells us: her last year  iluvtheshow 2 1862 over a year ago
CBS starts to Spin the Bullcrap Machine re Criminal Minds  karmababy 5 1166 over a year ago
favorite Episodes  OsiaMae 12 2947 over a year ago
Other Ideas to keep AJ and Paget on CM...  SoftxDxBall 4 2073 over a year ago
'Criminal Minds' Trims Cast  KellyButton 2 1870 over a year ago
Why?  neenj61 5 2562 over a year ago
Quirky Fan Moments  atob211 2 2395 over a year ago
oct 3rd epi opening song?  ellietyson 2 2530 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Questions and Answers!  prentissadmirer 13 8292 over a year ago
Criminal Minds Fan- Forum ( may contain Spoilers!)  Celina79 1720 49612 over a year ago
Twitter Madness!!  Kelsje 3 1295 over a year ago
RPG Needs Criminal Mind Characters  RPGmoony 0 2310 over a year ago
Must read!  atob211 5 2356 over a year ago