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Anti-Twilight Rants  renrae 115 23055 over a year ago
critical feminist opinions on Twilight  Astie7 1 3175 over a year ago
Do You Think Edward Cullen is an Abusive Boyfriend?  twilight_quirk1 27 5548 over a year ago
What's your Renesmee name?  nuxi 52 8134 over a year ago
Quick "Twilight" Survey  elfaggion 1 2083 over a year ago
story time game!!  CULLEN-HALE 304 14803 over a year ago
Twilight Plot Holes Game  EastendersRox 10 3907 over a year ago
A C.A.T. Scale  BlueBrooke 4 1934 over a year ago
READ THE BOOKS before you hate them.  SimplyLaurel 36 4644 over a year ago
The crazy Twilight merchandise game  Asvini 367 153380 over a year ago
The most crazy thing made from twilight fan  ded99 3 2521 over a year ago
Why I Think People Hate and Love Twilight  booklover13 8 4099 over a year ago
Like, OMG! Twilight like totally copied *insert name here*!!  renrae 9 3788 over a year ago
Critical analysis of........  Moonlight_Kitty 3 1322 over a year ago
What's your Twimore username?  cassie-1-2-3 1 1486 over a year ago
Twilighter Rants  renrae 29 3340 over a year ago
Twilight fans needed for an online survey  Artemis22333 0 1574 over a year ago
Twilight Experiences....  bookwormgrl101 6 1603 over a year ago
It's Time the CAT Got Its Claws Trimmed!  Dearheart 21 4218 over a year ago
The PRO-Twilight Picspam Thread  Dearheart 0 1714 over a year ago
The Anti-Twilight Picspam Thread  Dearheart 0 1728 over a year ago
Twilight Plot Holes Game  EastendersRox 0 593 over a year ago
Twilight Plot Holes Game  EastendersRox 0 799 over a year ago
Switzerland (a mini-rant)  Cinders 3 1998 over a year ago
An analysis of Twilight  woofbark 0 752 over a year ago
Sexist stalker or... romantic?  snoznoodle 1 1625 over a year ago
Why I Think People Hate and Love Twilight  booklover13 6 981 over a year ago
The CAT Library  laureng114 57 16732 over a year ago
Vampire Sucks Trailer.... check it out! LOL  Faith-Rulz 5 1112 over a year ago
Key words! Image Repeats! *Tears Hair Out!*  Cinders 9 1064 over a year ago
Twilight amusement park?  frankthe2nd 3 2736 over a year ago
Twilight and personality profiling  renrae 2 1691 over a year ago
Messages to the Kittens!  Myf_1992 320 11222 over a year ago
Kittehz Birffdaiz!!!  Myf_1992 63 3280 over a year ago
C.A.T. Mascot  renrae 41 3290 over a year ago
Interesting Content on CAT  Cinders 0 914 over a year ago
Eclipse (Book) Bella Vs. Eclipse (Movie) Bella  Enchantedfan 4 1468 over a year ago
Nightlight; A Parody  SimplyLaurel 3 1969 over a year ago
Time Game  OCFan123 107 5109 over a year ago
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  hamishblakefan 9 785 over a year ago
Best Word to Describe Contest  OCFan123 69 4794 over a year ago
Why?  teamalice_0 17 1793 over a year ago
Do you agree both sides are given a bad rep??  Jessie_Cullen 6 898 over a year ago
Inappropriate Twilight Bashing  Cinders 9 2269 over a year ago
"Twilight" Vs. "I Kissed A Zombie"  Cinders 8 2650 over a year ago
Combine SNL, Taylor Swift, Frankenstein and Twilight....  this-is-my-name 0 853 over a year ago
Count-up-to-1000 PARTY! (Geez, this CAT just keeps growing!! Keep the kittens coming, Fanpop!)  Dearheart 254 21155 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest  nessienjake 6 1884 over a year ago
How should we celebrate?  Dearheart 5 766 over a year ago
Why "exposing" Edward's sexuality is funny to ME  Cinders 8 1158 over a year ago
Countdown to 50 fans:D  nessienjake 11 643 over a year ago
Attack of the Twihards  rachaelwsz 16 1477 over a year ago
Novel Heroines Beyond Harry Potter  Cinders 12 1716 over a year ago
The C.A.T Awards!!!  Myf_1992 18 1645 over a year ago
I REALLY am sorry.  MrsEric_M 4 1375 over a year ago
Anyone else digging the Edward/Jacob vibe?  Cinders 1 709 over a year ago
The C.A.N.M.M. (critical analysis of the New Moon Movie) forum WARNING *spoilers*  snoznoodle 13 1978 over a year ago
CAPTION CONTEST  renrae 6 1038 over a year ago
Kittehs!  LadyLilith 98 3616 over a year ago
*drumroll* The Critical Analysis of Twilight Headquarters!  renrae 1017 43647 over a year ago
"The Life of a Mary Sue" - Twilight edition!  Dearheart 5 3541 over a year ago
*SPOILERS* Buzz on New Moon  Cinders 3 886 over a year ago
~*REHAB*~ Tagz Game!  Saritaswims 2 790 over a year ago
Drawn to Twilight & a littled ashamed about it?  Perplexed 0 827 over a year ago
Tag! Kitten style!=^_^=  Saritaswims 6 593 over a year ago
=^_^=  Saritaswims 1 1568 over a year ago
Tag! Kitten style!=^_^=  Saritaswims 0 871 over a year ago
CONTEST Mi fellow KITTENZ!!!  Saritaswims 0 773 over a year ago
FMyLife - Twilight Entry  Dragonclaws 1 1247 over a year ago
Twilight Themes Driving You Nuts? Write a poem about it!  Cinders 1 694 over a year ago
Good points about twilight  Myf_1992 16 4335 over a year ago
The Edward/Bella Relationship - Gross?  aanniiee_ 1 2352 over a year ago
The whole "Twilight VS. Harry Potter"  bendaimmortal 9 1699 over a year ago
Credit and Key Words with Images!  Cinders 2 962 over a year ago
The 'ways to make reading Twilight more fun for antis' list  Mermaid-Tail 24 3378 over a year ago
Star Trek=twilight  Frizzhead 4 660 over a year ago
In Defense of the Imprinting...?  nuxi 1 660 over a year ago
Waiting for mob  dazl 3 903 over a year ago
Kitten of the Fortnight  laureng114 1 926 over a year ago
I Quit the Twilight Spot! A Party to Celebrate Those Who Have Left the Spot.  laureng114 11 919 over a year ago
Getting to Know the Kittens  renrae 53 3737 over a year ago
Leroy and Lola-- Requests  Cinders 4 680 over a year ago
An author writes a story based on a dream they saw?  bendaimmortal 2 539 over a year ago
I just want to say...  bendaimmortal 4 880 over a year ago
In Defense of Washington State  Cinders 4 1253 over a year ago
Do you like Twilight at all?  j1edwardcullen7 11 891 over a year ago
Where did "Kitten of the Fortnight" go?  Cinders 5 554 over a year ago
Anything noteworthy?  xmirage 11 805 over a year ago