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The Tour so far.... - October 18, 2010

Hey guys!
How are we all?
Hope everyone is doing fab!!
So the tour has been up and going a good 4-5 weeks now, we have been out here for 7 weeks....only 8 to go....
it has been an amazing tour for me so far. I am loving it. i think we all are. I have never experienced tours that i haven't enjoyed, but i am REALLY enjoying this one. I cant believe i have been away from home for 7 weeks...thats crazy!!!...So time is flying.
And the show this time round, goes by soo quickly....so that's probably one of the main reasons.
I hope, for those of you who have seen it,...
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Hi Guys. So for my holidays, Me and my mum and dad went to Marbella. I had no idea what to expect there, never heard much about it, but now i have been there....i will be back several times! :) It all started early on a wednesday morning. I didn't need a wake up call to catch my flight, because we left the house at 1.30am, therefore i got Zero sleep :( I have to admit though, when i got to Belfast airport, it seemed worthwhile already because i got a 4am Ulster Fry. And everybody in CT knows i love my breakfast fries. Can't beat them!! ;) So our flight was at 6am, we...
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I don't think that front center stage
Has ever looked this good-so great
He sings all about his life
And I count the fireworks in his eyes
He doesn't have a girl he swears
As I count the stars floatin' in the air
I'm laughin 'cause I know it's dumb
And I just love all of his songs
And I could tell you
His favourite colours red
He'll never go out
Unless he's wearin' plaid
His sister's wonderful
He has his brother's eyes
And if you asked me if I love him...
I'd smile
He moves around the stage
And innocent look spread across his face
Shouldn't I know this song?
'Cause I've had it memorized for so long
He has the...
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