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This is a story I posted on Fanfiction.net A LONG TIME AGO, a long with a lot of other stories. I've finally worked up the courage to post some of them on this site. I decided to start with this one-shot.

Bonnie McCullough smiled as she stared at the clock.

She was going to drive back to the house she'd been renting, and back to….Damon.

He had moved in with her just a week ago, and she'd had a hard time of staying away from him for too long lately.

But unfortunately, her college managed to keep her away from him for at least six hours on the week days.

But now she was in her last class, eyeing...
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As a reader of these novels, it is clear to me that the connection between Damon and Bonnie in the novels is significantly more organic and real then the connection between Damon and Elena. The connection between Damon and Bonnie feels "real" whenever I read it on paper and I feel like I am reading an epic love story unfolding when I read Bamon scenes within these books. However, on the complete contrary, I NEVER get this same feeling whenever I read the scenes with Delena in the books. There is just something about the connection between Damon/Elena that is just not "right". I really cannot...
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Source: Characters not mine, only the art work's mine. Julie Plec n CW network owns the characters.
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