Danny Phantom Theories of a fan, are they right?

acer1o1 posted on Apr 15, 2020 at 07:59PM
1.Ultimate enemy
We know that clockwork is a “know it all” character and many people say that he caused danny to turn evil, but I say he knew that what he did and he did it for a reason. My conclusion is that he did this to make Danny stronger and my proof is that the only change that occurred before and after the episode is the wailing ability (his shout) thus my theory is that he was preparing him for, maybe, a future enemy other than himself.
2. Ultimate enemy, why evil Danny still exist
I say that his timeline is destroyed by Danny’s actions, yet he exists now in the present. What i mean is that a change or destruction of the future will not affect the present. Thus, he lives for later.
3. A way to save the series
They claim that they stopped the series due to going over budget
,and probably others. The budget problem can be solved easily, let’s say of all Danny Phantom’s fan only 20K reacted, made a club, made a deal with Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman, and donated 1 dollar every month. That is 240K $ per year. Will more seasons remain a far fetched dreams?
4. The bummer
What if they stopped the show on purpose and with a lie they covered it all, making Danny Phantom some kind of a legacy or something
Don’t go saying “you watch a lot of movies”.

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over a year ago acer1o1 said…
This is not an offense to Nickelodeon or Butch Hartman, I’m sorry if u took it for so.