Dead or Alive Why not Leon?

Dyceman88 posted on Mar 31, 2013 at 01:46PM
Ok, DOA 5 is out and i was amazed by it but one thing really irritated me...after the DOA Dimensions game fro the is a serious mistake to give u a game missing characters (as DOA Dimensions allowed u to play as everyone). and what happens...yeah they leave ONE person out of the DOA roster (not including Ein and bosses in that) Leon...where is leon DOA 5...seriously, u have time to add retarded VF characters but not Leon? i have never been a fan of guest characters...that spartan in number 4 pissed me off so much i almost hit the screen some times. dead or alive is not an advertisment ground for HALO. every character is in DOA 5...except Leon...n that really upsets me, it is like having one piece of a puzzl;e missing :(

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