Deadman Wonderland Anyone up for a DW RP, group or 1x1?

Axel_Roxas posted on Nov 25, 2014 at 01:20AM
Heeey there everybody!~ I've been in love with Deadman Wonderland for a long friggin' time and have found only one problem; there's a lack of people who want to RP it. So, I'm looking for buddies to do that very thing. We can group RP on this forum or you can shoot me an email at if you'd prefer. Please no Godmoding or killing/controlling other people's characters. Thank you.

Here's a basic skelly to base your character on. Feel free to add on or whatnot if you wish:

Looks: (description or picture)
Prisoner Number/Deadman Name:
Branch of Sin: (if you have one, make sure to name it and describe it please.)
A brief background:
Love interest: (if you have one)

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