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“Did you know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a gay’?”

“Explain to me the logic behind MelloxNear, and I’ll give you a million bucks.”

“Does L ever change his clothes, or is he just that crazy for giant white shirts and jeans? Really, wtf is up with that?...”

“The question we all want answered: is Mello or girl, or does he just have really bad PMS?”

“Why did Light have to make everything so damn complicated? It wasn’t like we couldn’t tell he was gonna lose in the end… oh, did I just spoil something for you? Sorry… not.”

“Raise your hand if you also...
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You Know You’re A Death Note Fan When...


You sit like L.

You wear oversized white tops.

You go bear footed around the house.

You like strawberries.

You love candy.

Whenever someone says God you either say/think ‘Kira’ or ‘Ryuk’.

You love to play with toys and puppets.

You like to think/know a Shinigami is watching you.

You love chocolate.

Chocolate reminds you of Mello.

Strawberries and Candy remind you of L.

Toys remind you of Near.

You love wearing stripes.

Stripes remind you of Matt.

You think the world would be a better place if there really was a Death Note

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