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Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) Tackles the Abortion Debate  Cinders 6 17395 over a year ago
What's your prejudice?  Cinders 112 26830 over a year ago
Should Creationism be taught in schools?  emilyroxx 20 3984 over a year ago
Abortion - pro-choice or pro-life?  kool123 9 8139 over a year ago
Atheism vs. Christianity  _crmdd 74 15693 over a year ago
Topic: Why Humans Should Care More For Ecology and the Environment  blackpanther666 12 12016 over a year ago
Do you think this was justified? Part one: The cheerleading scandel that went to court.  pandawinx 11 6972 over a year ago
Hitler Bad leader.??  jannette_camou 40 23611 over a year ago
Is atheism a religion?  tessajanuary 38 8370 over a year ago
Impromptu Beauty Pageant Question challenge  omg_stop 5 97805 over a year ago
Ecological Balance Hypothesis  blackpanther666 3 6574 over a year ago
The Conn. school killings.  truespockagain 0 1775 over a year ago
Personal Traits: Genetic vs Environmental  Ryuuikari 1 3094 over a year ago
Abortions: Pros and cons. A totally non-bias view on abortion.  pandawinx 15 8610 over a year ago
**DEBATE**  Ready4TheSet 4 3730 over a year ago
Species and the individual  harold 3 2725 over a year ago
Mythical creatures  Night-Sky 9 12917 over a year ago
call of duty is average and overrated  sparkyhedgehog 1 2437 over a year ago
RULES!  Cinders 17 2274 over a year ago
Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong (AKA Gay Marriage Killed The Dinosaurs)  Cinders 76 16871 over a year ago
Death penalty/capital punishment; Fors and againest. A totally non-biest view on the death penalty.  pandawinx 1 3773 over a year ago
Debate: assisting Japan  harold 4 2503 over a year ago
Teach for America?  Cinders 1 2494 over a year ago
Debate topic debate  harold 7 3015 over a year ago
A suggested pop quiz guideline  harold 2 2063 over a year ago
Debate: green vs. red  harold 4 39630 over a year ago
60 Reasons To Hate George W. Bush  Cinders 13 14384 over a year ago
High school exit exams  harold 0 4652 over a year ago
Violence in children's entertainment  harold 0 1509 over a year ago
Dead Baby Jokes  Cinders 8 3342 over a year ago
Liberty Versus Security  Cinders 3 3070 over a year ago
Society's Problem with Mrs. Robinson and other May-December Relationships  Cinders 14 5153 over a year ago
What is your opinion on battry hens?  berly 23 2163 over a year ago
WHY is homosexuality a sin?  Cinders 168 17956 over a year ago
What, in your opinion, is considered bisexual behaviour?  theblondegirl 7 5968 over a year ago
Are you sick of highly paid teachers?  Cinders 2 1610 over a year ago
Form of the military  harold 0 2198 over a year ago
WHY all the muslim hate?  alismouha 18 1738 over a year ago
Quote Contest: Who Said It and Why?  Cinders 8 2297 over a year ago
We've Lost the 9/11 Feeling!  MajorDork74 3 1380 over a year ago
A DEBATE CONTEST!  Cinders 28 3507 over a year ago
A Message from John Cleese (Apparently :P)  knifewrench 14 1936 over a year ago
Myths About Liberals, Conservatives, And Everyone Else  Cinders 12 4058 over a year ago
Pantheism: Do you believe?  Cinders 22 5325 over a year ago
Double standards: Gay men versus Lesbians  Cinders 16 4618 over a year ago
"How Racism Works"  Cinders 3 3324 over a year ago
The Death Penalty  11relaxing 3 1501 over a year ago
A more appropriate place/ Debate on..Obama and Muslims?  germany123 8 1203 over a year ago
Jesus Christ Superstar  imawesome34 0 1644 over a year ago
You Think I'm Long-Winded NOW?  Cinders 1 1030 over a year ago
Is being gay a choice?  marissa 73 9775 over a year ago
The Golden Rules Of the Debate Spot  Cinders 67 6016 over a year ago
high school seen by the eyes of 7th and 8thgraders  mac 27 3597 over a year ago
Racism towards Obama  adavila 2 1692 over a year ago
Michelle Malkin Vs Ann Coulter  Cinders 0 3010 over a year ago
Sonic debating  AUSHEDGEHOG 1 1889 over a year ago
Swearing.  duckey94 13 3213 over a year ago
Harry Potter vs. Twilight vs. The Mortal Instruments  RATHBONE07 1 3867 over a year ago
Horse slaughter debate  harold 0 1897 over a year ago
Debate topics  harold 2 1926 over a year ago
Gaza and Isreal problems  Mallory101 3 1834 over a year ago
Debate experiment for December  harold 18 2145 over a year ago
charities  amazondebs 14 2467 over a year ago
Prop 8  papa 1 1904 over a year ago
December: Fanpop Human Rights Awareness Month  Cinders 0 1752 over a year ago
The US Two-Party System  smoore23 6 1592 over a year ago
Ok This Is Jus Sumthin Ive Always Wonderd  punkymonkey 3 1958 over a year ago
Nuclear Energy Debate and Informational Request  Gemzies 1 1002 over a year ago
Can someone explain this to me what the Electoral College is in the US  adavila 6 2026 over a year ago
JESUS: The Ultimate Scapegoat?  Cinders 33 4450 over a year ago
War of the Religions!  Cinders 6 1050 over a year ago
Should this have happened  jighooligan101 3 1372 over a year ago
POLICE IN YOUR NATION  adavila 12 1604 over a year ago
rush limbaugh  ahchoo45 3 1361 over a year ago
Violent Passages in Holy Books  Cinders 5 1962 over a year ago
Little Johnny learns about politics  blisslikethis 8 1908 over a year ago
A Few Lesser-Known Marijuana Facts  Cinders 5 1754 over a year ago
New World Leader: Your Vote Counts...  DrDevience 7 1394 over a year ago
A Note On Gay Rights  Cinders 13 1729 over a year ago
Red States Versus Blue States  Cinders 4 1665 over a year ago
Links to US Democratic Candidate Websites  Cinders 2 1530 over a year ago
Links to US Republican Candidate Websites  Cinders 2 1110 over a year ago
McCain's Running Mate... Thoughts?  smoore23 11 5835 over a year ago
how do illegal immigrants live from tax payers dollars in the US I dont get it??  adavila 3 1871 over a year ago
And Our Mascots Names Are...  Cinders 4 1498 over a year ago
Is Palin's "Decision" another word for "Choice"?  Cinders 6 1523 over a year ago
Implied but absent debates  harold 4 1251 over a year ago
A debate experiment for August  harold 10 1654 over a year ago
Favorite (Controversial?) Quotes  Cinders 25 2794 over a year ago
Content Rating?  Cinders 7 2373 over a year ago
Please reply fast!!! I need some great comments for an essay! Tell me what you know about sects - what do you think about them let's discuss  IsabellaAzuria 44 5701 over a year ago
Religious Survey Round 2  Cinders 17 1303 over a year ago
Educate Yourself.  Cinders 6 1991 over a year ago
Random Debate  claire-aka-bob 17 2074 over a year ago
Uniqueishness  ShadowFlame 10 2065 over a year ago
The Great Pencil Debate  harold 24 6982 over a year ago
Why do all politicians flip-flop?  Cinders 3 1522 over a year ago
Before you vote............ (UNCLASSIFIED)  MajorDork74 16 3281 over a year ago
This Place Is Awesome  swimswamswum 1 1396 over a year ago
Facebook Post: Why Hating God Comes Naturally  Cinders 10 1908 over a year ago