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yay for recolors X3
yay for recolors X3
at the end of the day Devina and Jr. had gotten to be somewhat friends, and Devina thought it was really cool Junior got to have cool demon powers AND be a reaper. she thought it was a little unfair, but what can you do, huh? they all went to the graveyard which was sort of a playground to them. Junior noticed Devina kneeling at one of the stones, running her fingers across the words carved in the marble. "who's Billy?" she asked, looking at them. "an old friend of my parents." he told her. "why is his grave on the side of this cliff?" she asked. "we were never sure if he was really dead or...
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posted by InvaderCynder
i guess you could say that."Jr admitted.

"okay, okay, i get it! my eye was important! so what? I've still got another one!"Devina pointed out.Minnie froze as she stared at her."what?"Devina scratched her head in confusion."your mortal and you say your eye wasn't that important?"Minnie asked."yeah, that sums it up."

the next day,Devina started under school."class,"the teacher announced."we have a new student today.would you like to introduce yourself dear?"everyone stared at Devina."my name is Devina and i ran away from home to the underworld."she told them shyly.everyone's mouths dropped open.

Devina sat down and tried not to be bothered by everyone staring at her.since he was the only actual 'friend' she had, she sat next to were whispering to each other as she tried to read.Jr stood up with force."okay, we get it! she's
posted by InvaderCynder
and save him!" the mortal ordered herself."if i can't then my name isn't Devina!"she shouted as she ran into the webbed hole."mine name is Miniandy!" the girl called out.

as soon as Devina stepped foot into the cave, a giant spider webbed the entrance closed."a mortal!" it cried in a voice that reminded Devina of Charlot."you would be a sight for sore eyes if i could see, but my sight is about as good as jaykits."it explained."now, i suppose you want THIS?"it asked, holding the head of a skeleton that had a tuff of brown hair on its skull."please help me" he cried."yes..." Devina agreed to the spider a bit unsure what to expect."well, then,you have to eaither give me something or kill me.and I'm pretty sure you don't want to know choice THREE."the spider explained."and that is?"

"you become my prey." the spider
posted by InvaderCynder
The gate's to the underworld opened as a young mortal entered with her backpack stuffed and trying to escape her back. she looked around and tried not to be afraid."OK..."she told herself."i ran away from home and I'm living in the what?"

Just then a young girl with pale skin and stitches everywhere ran too the "new arrival" in a panic."please, have you seen a little skeleton wearing black sweats?"she asked."he's about as tall as me and has a small tuff of brown hair."she added.
"um...well, i saw a HEADLESS skeleton like that."the mortal said, pointing at a giant spider pit. the headless body was at the front of the den.

"oh, mine poor brother!" the pale girl exclaimed. she buried her head in her hands and began to cry slightly red tears.the mortal thought for a moment, then softly offered"I'll go
Devina walked among the gravestones, her blonde-red hair raving in the ghostly breeze. she found an open grave and smiled, crawling down into it. she had left her duffel bag here, and now she opened it, pulling out a red sleeping bag and a hello kitty pillow. she zipped it up and yawned. without taking her headband out, she drifted off to sleep, where she entered Nightmare Rift.

she arrived on a boat she never boarded, and when she got off she was in a dark place, even more evil and deathly looking that the Under World. she walked around, ever step making a horrible sound that seemed like...
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posted by InvaderCynder
Different!that doesn't mean you all have to stare!"he yelled angrily at the class.Devina was astonished that he was helping her out.the kids were all string at him now. not in awe, but in confusion.realizing what a fool he was making himself look like, Jr sat down and put his hood up so no one could see how embarrassed he was."no hoods in class, Jr." the teacher reminded him."yes, ma'am." he replied, putting his hood down.he got back to his worksheet, his brown tuff hiding both eye sockets.

after a while of not being able to talk,Devina whispered softly to Jr "thanks.""your welcome" he whispered back."you know you didn't Have to."she told him."i just looked like you needed help."he replied."Devina, Jr, no talking unless your done!" the teacher reminded them. "yes, ma'am." they replied in unison. Minnie giggled a little bit.
posted by InvaderCynder
Devina,holding her eye in her left hand, she handed it to the spider."here..."she winched."her eyelid was closing the hole as the spider took the eyeball a little shaky and handed her Jr's head. it opened the entrance and let them out."thank you for the lovely gift."it said as they got out.

"BROTHER!"Minimandy called out.Devina placed Jr's head on his body. they both turned to see his sister running toward them."Minnie!" Jr shouted."oh, i was so worried about thou!"she admitted as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug."i missed you too."he told her.then Minnie helped Jr up and hugged Devina."bless thee soul, you brought him back without a scratch!"she thanked her.that's when Minnie saw her eye."oh dear, what happened to thou?"she asked."i had to give the spider something for Jr, so i gave her my eye. after all, she WAS blind."Devina explained.Minnie looked at Jr."brother, are these words of truth?"she asked with worry in her voice."well...
posted by InvaderCynder
Devina was deep in thought. she had a lot she COULD give. she could cut her hair, she could give the spider one of her blood samples...then it hit her."excuse me, did you say you SIGHT was as good as JAYKITS?"Devina asked in suspicion."yes, why?" the spider replied."well..."she went on."that meens you read the brail version of the warriors series.and as you know,Jaykit was blind by birth.""yes. continue."the spider agreed."well,I'm beginning to know what gift to give you. but first, I'll need a knife. you got one?"she finished.the spider gave her a surprised look, but gave her a small dagger anyways."kid, you might wanna look away." she told the skeleton head."I've seen my sister take her eye out when she was a kind of normal human and put it in my socket. i can take ANYTHING!"he protested."oh, OK. just warning." she huffed. the next thing the poor boy knew, his savior was using the dagger to get her own eye out. he could barley watch.