Demons of Supernatural Vs Game

fanfly posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 05:27PM
So, let's try a game.
Name two demons and the next person decides who they think would win in a fight. And then they name two demons and so on...
I'll start!

Lilith vs Azazel

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over a year ago karlyluvsam said…
i think that Lilith will win a fight .... shes got powers

Lilith and Meg
over a year ago Paper_Girl12 said…
Lilith. She is stronger than Meg.

Azazel vs Alistair
over a year ago karlyluvsam said…
um Azazel will win

Meg vs Ruby
over a year ago fanfly said…
Before Caged Heat I would've said Ruby but now I'm going to go with Meg!

Brady vs Ruby
over a year ago TangoThang said…
Brady would pin Ruby to the wall and set her on fire

Crowley vs Azazel
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over a year ago smileypop9 said…

Lilith vs Alistair