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alright vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale are BFFS and there also BFFS with miley cyrus now the rumours about nelena vs niley are true miley and selena are starting to hang out again like old times befroe niley and nelena miley cyrus and selena gomez were BFFS and they also hanged with demi lovato they were the 3 amigo's and there starting to be like that again and i'm sure we can't wait till they aredemi lovato selena gomez and miley cyrus Vanessa hudgens knows selena gomez and there friends and ashley tisdale knows demi and selena there all a group of friends + taylor swift
Round and round (x4)

You see me standing there
And act like you dont know me
But last night you were calling me
Saying you want me
Oh why you always make me feel
Like I'm the one thats crazy
You got my heart racing
My-my heart racing

Boy, I need you here with me
We can't go on this way
I'm falling hard for you
All I can say

We're going round and round
We're never gonna stop
Going round and round
We'll never get where
We're going
Round and round
Well your gonna miss me
Cause I'm getting dizzy
Going round and round
And round

You tried to pull me close
And whisper in my ear
You always told me...
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Lovato released her second studio album, Here We Go Again on July 21, 2009. The album debuted at #1 with 108,000 first-week sales.[22] Prior to the album's release Lovato stated: "It’s going to take a different sound, so hopefully it goes over well. I sing a lot of rock, but this time I want to do more John Mayer-ish type of songs. Hopefully I can write with people like him."[23] The first single off the album, titled the same as the album, was released on June 17, 2009.[24] "Here We Go Again" became Lovato's highest charting song at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.[25] She appeared on We The...
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