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This is a list of my favorite disney movie
If a movie is not on the list, i have not seen if
If it is a really good movie and not on my list, let me know so i can watch it. Thanks
Hope you like it!!!

54. The Cheetah Girls: One World
53. The Even Stevens Movie
52. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
51. Zenon: The Zequel
50. The Luck of the Irish
49. The Proud Family Movie
48. Twitches Too
47. The Cheetah Girls 2
46. High School Musical 2
45. Zenon: Z3
44. Halloweentown High
43. Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
42. 16 Wishes
41. Life Is Ruff
40. Twitches
39. Cow Belles
38. Dadnapped
37. Wizards of Waverly Place:...
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posted by triton
I have an idea for a new DCOM movie, and after watching High School Musical and Cheetah Girls. I know they used this idea before in Up, Up, and Away but this is a different idea with a interesting twist.

"Super Teens"

The story revolves around two siblings Dainel and Melissa Cane, who both lives double lives. They go to high school as normal teenagers, but when dark forces approaching they revert to their superhero idenities, Knox and Aerial. Knox has the power of super strength and super speed; Aerial has the power of the wind and super speed. Both of them work together a lot as a two-punch...
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