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posted by magicworld_88
Very first article i m writing here you may have see me post some polls on the section. i wanted here to share on the club my favorite disney princess list :) english is not my native language i hope i m not gonna makes too much errors.

14- Merida

 I m not really a fan of her personality in her movie. There are definitely things that i find appealing with her she really does have a badass side , with her arrow , but at the same time there are things about her personality less appealing. I can't say I dislike her or hate her I m just neutral towards her and her movie. Also i m not gonna lied i hate what she represent in the disney fandom. a condescending way to put down the others disney princess because her she is single and she doesn't need a man that dont seems to be very fair because i m not talking about her character but the fans , i just hate how merida is praise because she doesn't have a man. So it kind of ruin the character for me.


I use to really liked Pocahontas as a kid i think it was because she was pretty XD Now that I grew up i still like her , I love her values and how she is connected to the nature , she will makes a very good rulers but at the same time there is something in her personality that i find a little....annoying. I just find she ask herself way too much questions in her movie about herself about her dream ,about spirit , about her love life but like i feel more that the others disney princess and it in the end i just find her very indecise. she complicated way too much her life with too much questions to me.Maybe the character is just too spiritual for my taste.

12-Snow white

She is one of the kindest princess. I like how optimistic and sweet she can be even thought her life is not easy. also, she really gets very harsh criticisms. There is nothing wrong with wanting love , she didn't really wait for prince charming and was more hiding from her evil step mother. There is nothing wrong with cooking and she is the whole contrary of someone « weak » this is what her haters will said about her. Snow white is really one of this princess that i could write a whole book about to defend her against all the unfair criticism. So why she is at that place ? My problem with snow white is that i find her bossy... a bit too much bossy , of course the dwarfs have their flaws , but yeah i find her bossy and i cant help think she will be also like that in her couple with the prince.


Belle was a big part of my childhood, Beauty and the beast was the Disney movie that I watched the most as a kid with Pocahontas. I used to really like belle but now I find her to be one of the less unique princess. The fact that a lot of people including myself identify with her don't really help. She seems to be the typical girls that everyone can be i think that's why we are a lot to identify with her. The normal girl who is gonna have an adventure with a very mysterious man. Even belle main characteristic read books is something very common for the audience. A lot of people read books. I still like that she is kind, she changes the beast, and she offers a great lesson that looks doesn't matter. The villagers of her town will certainly disagree with me but i dont find her special at all. she is easily the most generic princess too me.


i like Elsa but sometimes this is really difficult for me because i m a anna fan and when we have Frozen a movie where Anna is the main character and elsa getting all the fame because she has magical powers and a famous song its kinda difficult ! added that a significant part of her fans seems to be more interest with who they ship her ( jelsa , helsa , give a gif elsa , elsanna ) that her actual character doesn't really help. But yeah there is something definitely very badass and mysterious with elsa that i just LOVE and i understand all the fame of the character. My favorite scenes in the whole frozen franchise are easily elsa scene because of how pretty and epic there are. I dont really know why to say exactly about her personality ? Her character is interesting because of her magical powers but without them...nothing special. i can see how people would like her because they relate with the mental illness trope. personally i dont like to relate to character i prefered watch an unique character that a characters that is like me. she also tend to be a little annoying in her movie to me she dont listen she keep running away i really dont understand how she didn't see that Arendelle was froze and also how she didnt noticed she froze Anna heart.


moana is a good character , she is adventurous , nice , certainly will be a great leader but yeah...i have nothing to say about her she seems to be flawless also ? i dont know this is just that i like her , i dislike nothing about her but i dont know what to say about her. she is fine !

8- Tiana

I find naveen and lottie a lot more interesting than her. But i like how determine she is and how hard she work for what she wants. also the movie dont present her as perfect. and show her flaws and at same times keep her likeable. she is a great role model.She wants to make her father proud and that's something very admirable. She has also a great sense of friendship that we saw with Lottie. I like that naveen change a part of personality , we usually have the girl change the boy flaws. I like tiana i put her here because i prefer the others.

7- Cinderella

i like her a lot she is also one of the princess of my childhood for cinderella 2 and 3 were big part of it.
i really liker her sarcastic side., like for example when she react to how anastasia and drizella sing.She is mentally very strong and had to deal with an horrible life. when people talk about princess who needed a prince to saved them i think they forget that cinderella is a victim of abuse. In real life we dont let victim of abusive family save themself. We help them because this is so obvious that they need someone to be free. I like how she try to be nice even in difficult moments she promot really amazing lessons for little kids animated or live actions and even if she is not a princess by blood i really think cinderella will makes an amazing leader. I love her a lot i just wish disney will promote her with her actual strawberry blond hair XD

6- mulan

i love mulan. She has strong sense of honor that i really like. she is badass , i like how she is not all the times confident and can have doubts. I think that she is one of the most smart princess. I admire her courage. She wants also just like tiana to make her dad proud and i find that beautiful. She is nice and gentle and i find this is sweet how she try her best to please her family at the begining with the matchmaker and at the end by going to war to protect her father. What i love the most with Mulan is that she is not a cliche. i mean she is not the cold , emotionless tomboy girl that is gonna go to war. her personality is most "girly" that what we have in movies in general when woman go to war. "looking at avengers". she is sweet , clumsy , kind , not emotionless.

so now here is my TOP 5 i love them equally but there are somes that i find more interesting so thats how i made my ranking.

5- Rapunzel

rapunzel personality is amazing , i love that she can be so energetic , all the time happy and optimistic. I love how she can be all happy and the next time sad it makes her very attaching ( or annoying for others) . Her movie is my favorite ,and i find her rather funny. I love how adventurous and determined she is also. Its great to have a princess who paints. She is just so cute a grew up a lot during her movie , but yeah i love her but this is hard to not agree with what people generally dont like about her : she is too perfect everyone love her. Her funny entertaining personality is what makes the difference with moana and why shere is here.

4- Jasmine

I know that she feel trap in her castle but I cant help to find that a little selfish. It makes me sad for rajah and her dad that she wanted to run away, never go back and that she made that choice so quickly. But we know she is kind and sweet for example she gives the apple to the boy. I  love how seductive  she can be ,  we don't have a lot of princesses who are like that and I find that side of her personality refreshing for a Disney princess. An other thing that is really refreshing about her character is that even before the live action came out there is definitely a political side of her personality that can be explored , this is one of the reasons i put her higher i find her really interesting. She is a princess by blood that cares for her people and also a powerful young lady that dont want to be a prize to be won. She has a charismatic and regal aura also.

3- Ariel

people who don't like ariel made valid point. And that's a part of why i love her. She had flaws she is imperfect. i have the impression that ariel is one of the disney princess who create most debate. they are people who adore her and despise her at the same time. I really never read someone say 'i m neutral toward her » and i think that show that she is a good character.
She made mistakes in the movie but i understand her desire to the human world. The movie really show us how she is is passionate about human stuff and how much she wants to have legs. She is on of the funniest disney princess and I love what we saw of her personality in the second half of the movie , she is all the time excited , about everything that make her cute. She is funny , fun loving , adventurous , attaching and so expressive. I Find so sweet how she loved eric and how she made him laugh. We usually see the guy made laugh the girl , but with ariel this is her i find that original , i understand how she could be annoying for people but i just Love too much her personality we saw in the second part of the movie. Now add the fact that she is also a mermaid and i love mermaid we have one of my favorite disney princess.


yes i really like princess with crazy personality XD

Watching Frozen 2 really remind me why Anna is one of my favorite disney princess , i love how fun and crazy she is. the little things added to the character such like her hair when she woke up and how clumsy she is. She is also very impulsive but this is what makes her Anna to me. I love also the value Anna represent , she represent forgiveness and is someone incredibly selfless willing to sacrifice for her sister. There is something very powerful that i see in her character who was present both in Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 ( i m thinking about the next right thing scene). She is a little bubble of sunshine even after everything she gets through.


one of the thing that i love about her is that she is mature and responsible. At first she was surprise by phillip but then they dance and She invited him in her home. I just love how she didn't try to run away with him but instead she is enough mature to inform her aunts about him and set a date with phillip in their presence.. And After she decided to follow her aunt which is also admirable.. It's more easy to try to run away and succumbs to your desires that to did what you don't want. that Takes a lot of strength. So i disagree when people say that aurora was weak to follow her aunts.
I also love the fact that she is imaginative in her little word where owls can be dream prince. She love fantasy and have a fun side. She is also flirty wich we know because of the way she interact with the dream prince. She is angelic , graceful elegant , and look beautiful , i don't really find her boring and dont really understand how can people say she is shy. There is also something regal and charismatic in Aurora than i find also in Jasmine and just like for Jasmine there is also an political side with Aurora that i really find very interesting. She is also the one that i m the more interest about Because of the mysterious and magic side of her story , she give me sabrina spellman vibes with her life in her little cottage with her three magical aunts.
posted by KataraLover
It's no secret that I absolutely DESPISE the movie The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. It's absolutely insulting, has terrible continuity, the original characters (except for Ariel) are completely different characters, Triton is a one-dimensional and exaggerated version of his former self, the story about music being banned is stupid, the villain is lame with an equally lame song, it's full of plot holes, the new characters are unnecessary and unmemorable, Athena died in a dumb way (Leave the music box you idiot), and it puts more effort into gorgeous animation and good songs (Except for...
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Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind!
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind!
Hi everyone, I just watched Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera just now. While watching, I noticed some similarities with Beauty and the Beast! Here are my observations.

The Story-line

As you may know, both stories are set in France, it also has a sad theme in it as it deals with a deformed person name Erik who wishes to be love. Ironically, the author of The Phantom of the Opera is by Gaston Leroux, who happens to be the namesake villain of Disney's retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The rose also plays a symbolic role in both stories.
Secondly, the Stranger Than You Dream It scene...
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Type Three, "The Achiever"
Type Three, "The Achiever"
Introduction: Understanding the Enneagram

So, the Enneagram is a pretty complicated system of classifying personalities. Basically, everyone has a core type, expressed as a number of One through Nine. This is the most straightforward description of someone’s personality.

Here’s a basic rundown of each type:
1: perfectionistic, rational, idealistic
2: generous, warm-hearted, nurturing
3: ambitious, image-conscious, charming
4: sensitive, dreamy, moody
5: cerebral, perceptive, analytical
6: trustworthy, loyal, brave
7: fun-loving, enthusiastic, lively
8: assertive, strong, self-confident
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12 Season Color Wheel
12 Season Color Wheel
So I never really got to experience much of fashion-culture growing up and have just recently begun to give it any focus or attention. I have heard of the rule that "Redheads shouldn't wear pink." and I have seen some people discuss this here on FanPop in terms of Ariel and her pink dress. I have also read many comments debating Aurora's famous "Blue vs. Pink Dress". In those discussions, I heard a talented user on this site, link say things like "She's a Winter." etc. I thought that was so fascinating! I had never heard of this concept before so I decided to look into it. That is how I came...
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Credit: Gabriel Fichera
Credit: Gabriel Fichera
As I mentioned in its first part that this article is for those princesses who got their wedding in original or a sequel. I have re-imagined the gowns for all the princesses as honestly, I don't quite like the ones Disney has shown. The dresses lacks the effort as much as they deserve in my opinion. A princess wedding gown should be thoroughly thought through and designed. Cinderella's and Mulan's are by far the only wedding dress that actually fits their personality the most, in my opinion.

So here's my selection of the re-imagined wedding gowns for the remaining princesses.

1. Cinderella:
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link" alt="Credit to: link" width="220" height="299" />
Credit to: http://braveandboldthinking.com/2014/03/25/unveiling-the-truth-about-muslim-women/
First: Here is a link from an actual Muslim woman with her thoughts on how Muslim women are portrayed in America in general.link
Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)
Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)

Second: Here is my personal break-down analysis based on knowledge of Arab/Muslim culture compared to the Disney Aladdin film.

The majority of Princess Jasmine's numerous flaws stem from the fact that she is completely inaccurate and offensive to her culture. From the clothes she wears to the way she speaks, Jasmine does not represent Arab or Muslim women at all but rather a disgraceful woman in their culture. Unfortunately, Jasmine...
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If the Disney Princesses were Housewives on Wisteria Lane, which house would be theirs? [If you are a Desperate Housewives fan, I included who lived there from the show if anyone did.]

1. Snow White: 4350

This house is a nice beige color, between white (her skin) and yellow (her skirt). It has a gazebo style balcony that fits perfectly for her and her prince to dance around and sing to each other in. [Martha Huber/Felicia Tillman/Andrew VandeKamp]

2. Cinderella: 4354

This house is a beautiful big blue house, just like her beautiful big blue(ish) dress. It's like a palace but still with...
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posted by KataraLover
We all know the step-sister from Cinderella that ends up reforming in the sequels. However, many people seem to have criticisms about her because they feel that she shouldn't have been forgiven by Cinderella, there was nothing to show that she deserved to be redeemed, and that it's ridiculous that she got to be redeemed but Drizella didn't. First of all, I think I need to explain where this idea of Anastasia reforming came from. In the original Charles Perrault version of Cinderella, Cinderella's real name was actually Ella. When she became a servant she would sleep by the fireplace to keep...
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Obviously, Shan yu deserves the number one spot
Obviously, Shan yu deserves the number one spot
I'm slightly obsessed with eyes. I love drawing them, I love looking at them, and when I look at the beauty of a person, princess or not, the eyes play a big part in their attractiveness. So I decided to make an article about my favorite Disney Princess eyes. Honestly, they all have gorgeous eyes, so this will be difficult. But, I shall try my hardest. Oh yeah, Anna and Elsa are included.

13. Cinderella
Her eyes are a really pretty color. They are an amazing shade of blue, and... well, that's about all I like about them. The shape of them is really weird, and in a lot of shots, they are just...
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