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posted by BB2010
I love that despite how she grew up she's always optimistic and sweet, I love her passion for painting and her art style, and I love her singing voice -BB2010

I love Rapunzel's intelligence, creativity, and curiosity. She charted stars and never gave up on her dreams to see the floating lanterns. She is also very honest, kind, and optimistic, which I love. She sees the good in others and doesn't give up on anyone that she loves. -sunnyfields

I love her enthusiasm! But I especially love how she overcomes years of psychological abuse. She has so much inner strenght. -Swanpride

The reason I love Rapunzel so much is because of her personality. My favorite traits of her are her creativity, sweetness, outgoingness, and curiosity. -LMH5113

I love that she plays dart! <3! -PrueFever

I love the fact that Punzie is this adorable gilr but she has like five sides to her like an adventurous side, a creative side, a happy side, a mischevious side, and a dont mess with me side. I love that she is a passionate person who takes matters into her own hands and doesn't let anyone stop her from doing so! -pangirl16

Her punkiness says it all! -deedragongirl
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Most people would agree that each of the Disney Princesses are individually unique. While most people take their stories and personalities into consideration, few tend to recognize that they each have an individual artistic style. Even though over the years their lineup has homogenized to create what we might consider Classic Disney, the design of nearly each princess was in fact inspired with a specific artist or art style in mind. I believe this is the je-ne-sais-quoi people have a hard time attributing...
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