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AudreyFreak posted on Jun 17, 2013 at 01:17AM
(Note: I didn't think this topic was important enough for an article, though it's certainly long enough, but if you guys think it would be better there I can move it.)

So I love these little cartoons. the way they're drawn is so cute! Sort of chibi. Anyway, maybe I'm being nitpicky, but while I love these some stuff bothers me about them. I think because some of that stuff is what I'm seeing a lot in other fanart (and as an artist and big disney fan I can't help but feel bothered by it). So I'm not trying to be overly critical, but I'm just a bit annoyed when people don't get the DPs when they're not usually that hard to understand.

for those of you who've read these (and you can look them up on Facebook to see all of them, or more on Amy Mebberson's tumblr), let's see how she portrays the DPs and how often (and yes, I actually counted every single one. I've got free time!):

Snow White: Been in or mentioned in 14 comics. Portrayed adorably. Barely any scenes with her, though, and like most cartoons, fanart, etc. she is portrayed as a gullible ditz. Her haters won't disagree with that but in the movie she isn't actually very ditzy. Silly and naive, but not ditzy. It's really annoying to me since I love her personality and wish people would see her bossy and manipulative side as well as her ever-compassionate one. She isn't JUST naive like Merida isn't JUST rebellious and so on.

Cinderella: 15. Hmm, not portrayed negatively, but her personality isn't really shown, which can be hard to do because Cinderella's personality is very subtle (which is what makes it so realistic to me). She is shown to have OCD though, like in Shrek 2. Why do people think that because she's forced to clean that it makes her an obsessive germophobe whose one hobby is cleaning (nothing at all wrong with that, but I wouldn't call it her hobby)?

Aurora: 14. Actually portrayed nicely, although like Cinderella her layered personality doesn't really come through. She shows up quite a lot for being the DP with the shortest screen time, but doesn't have many jokes about her- one about her falling asleep at teatime and dancing in her sleep with Merida's dress singing about Phillip. Poor Aurora doesn't get a lot of fanart that 'gets' her. I love how she's drawn though. SO adorable with paler hair, which I prefer on her (I wish we had a towheaded princess!)

Ariel: 19. Must be one Amy loves, because she's in nearly every comic. Her fork is apparently a weapon now, not a comb like in the movie. She isn't too far off from how the movie is but less sweet. In all fanart, Ariel is usually portrayed very accurately because her personality is obvious and memorable. Oh, and she likes 50 Shades of Grey. Um.

Belle: 20. Hmm, someone on FB complained that she's so link now but I actually like her way better here because I think she's more annoying in the movie TBH. She's drawn very cutely (somehow the hairline works better here- I wish she looked like this in the movie) and her personality has been given a modern upgrade (she's a Hogwarts fan for one, and a whiny one) and she's suddenly is a big tea fanatic. I don't get that- we see her drink tea once when it's offered to her. I like how Belle is portrayed, fussy or not, but it is different from the movie, I admit. In or mentioned in 19.

Jasmine- Only 12! Poor Jasmine, her personality is not shown at ALL. She gets maybe one or two jokes about herself- one where she confesses to Cinderella that her earrings are actually her ears, and another where she uses Rapunzel's hair in her sleep to run away. But none about her fiery, intelligent personality at all. She's been demoted to extra. She's drawn pretty cute, though, and looks more Arabic to me rather than how Persian she looks in the movie- the tanner skin helps I guess.

Pocahontas- 13, Geez, does she ever smile? Amy makes her look like a grouch in nearly every picture. The one she doesn't is where she's being a bit catty, which is highly out of character for her (Tiana too). She's very serious-looking and sounding here, which is obviously not Poca-ish. She does link one other time though, and it's cute.

Mulan- 17. OK, I'll be frank: I hate how she portrays Mulan! It's NOTHING like her at all. She's been turned into an Asian Merida. She's not so link, she suddenly link link, she's kinda cocky, a link, and strangely is best friends with Merida. Honestly, those two are fire and water. Almost opposites in nearly every way. They don't even have the same hobbies (going to war for a purpose is not the same as playing with weapons for fun!). I told her I didn't like at all how Mulan was portrayed and tried not to sound rude about it, but I don't think it was that well received (in case you're curious, she basically said she's going to portray them how she sees them. OK, but that doesn't make their portrayals accurate). Sigh. Her face scares me a bit in some shots, too.

Tiana- 14. She's not so bad here. someone else complained that she's uptight here but I don't think that's too far off. She gets annoyed when her kitchen space and tools are messed with but that seems pretty Tiana-like to me. She's got a bit of sass here. I don't really have any complaints about her except making Cinderella link the powdered sugar with a little smug face was pretty rude and unlike Tiana. Unless I'm missing the real joke?

Rapunzel- 20. Definitely seems to be Amy's favorite. She's in these the most, has a lot of the jokes about her, and is portrayed affectionately. I don't really mind her here and she's portrayed probably the most accurately but girls who use frying pans for weapons should not get link about girls with birds. I don't care for how she's drawn. In fact in some link she looks a bit creepy to me, more like her in the merchandise than movie.

Merida- 23. Hmm, maybe I was wrong about the favorite? Merida has a huge among of jokes. She's one of the funniest but she's also link in almost every comic. Merida definitely acted like a brat in the movie but she isn't unnecessarily a nasty person. I think this is how a lot of tomboys act around really feminine girls (ie the other princesses except Mulan and Poca) but Merida isn't just rough, tough and mouthy. She link have a heart! Her design is cute here- she draws the curls well.

So what's your opinions on them? Mine don't seem too popular with other PP fans on Facebook. Which is silly- I can be a fan and critique them and even dislike some things about them. Fans aren't supposed to just blindly accept every flaw and inaccuracy about what they're fans of. But do you like how they're portrayed in these as well as fanart in general?
(Note: I didn't think this topic was important enough for an article, though it's certainly long enou
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over a year ago princecatcher93 said…
First of all I agree with lot about what you said. I find them cute but really nothing like how they really are.
Second I kind of hate how she made a friendship between Merida and Mulan also.
Third I found another one of Pochontas smiling (Maybe the same one, #63?)
Fourth: I don't like it how Merida is 'so cool' while the others aren't really anything like their movie selves.
But yea, their funny and cute but I wish she follow what their really like.
Here's my favorite one.
First of all I agree with lot about what you said. I find them cute but really nothing like how they
over a year ago tiffany88 said…
These are NOT official Princess artworks, these are someone's fanarts. The Pocket Princesses more like caricature from the Princesses. I think it's really rude that you try to tell someone how to draw. She draw them like she wants and actually they're pretty popular. (I'm also a fan of them)
As an artist I hate when people try to say me how to draw, for an artist this is really hurtful.
AudreyFreak commented…
I'm not telling her and never did. In fact I specially SAID I love her style. I'm an artist too, and I realize that with putting your art out there, you get criticism, good or bad. And maybe she doesn't but as an artist I try to capture what's there, not what I want to see, which is what she does. It's not evil, just bothersome because I'm tired of people looking at the DPs at a surface level. over a year ago
hajirah4 commented…
Woah. As annoying as I may be right now, this is the only word I have to describe your post. (hides behind bush, fully armoured) over a year ago
over a year ago jainabieber7 said…
I adore the PP's. I disagree about your thoughts on Rapunzel's drawing, she looks so adorable and cutesy, which describes her personality perfectly. I look forward to every Friday to see what Amy comes up with :) I do agree about Mulan though... Mulan is very peaceful and quiet, not this rebellious, obnoxious Merida copy cat. I guess I'd probably be a little more outgoing after saving the whole country of China, but definitely not cocky and loud like she kind of is in the PP's.
over a year ago MaidofOrleans said…
I agree with what you've said about her interpretations of the princesses, but ultimately I think it's up to her how she wants to portray them. I adore the Pocket Princesses, and the main reason why is because I don't think of them as the DPs. I think of them as separate characters that are based off of the DPs. If I think of them like that then I don't get annoyed with their inaccurate personalities.
dclairmont commented…
That's a good way of looking at it c: over a year ago
over a year ago Swanpride said…
I agree with what you said about the interpretations of the princesses...it's the main reason, a lot of jokes fall flat (especially when they are about Cinderella's cleaning obsession). When she hits the personalities or something about their movies spot on, the comics are really funny (for example Tiana being annoyed because Rapunzel misused one of her frying pans, or Snow White having developed an aversion against apples), but when she dabs into the clichés, they don't really work that well. I have no issues with the drawing style, though. I think it fits.
AudreyFreak commented…
I agree completely. I think that's my main issues (and I do LOVE her drawing style- that's my favorite part). I normally smile or chuckle at them but the one time I LOL'd was seeing the "No Browsing" sign under Belle's dress. Hahaha over a year ago
over a year ago PokeBelle said…
Awwww! I wish I had a facebook account so I could see more of these, they are cuuute! :)
MouseEars commented…
She has them on her Tumblr account too! over a year ago
over a year ago snowsowhite said…
I love them, but as you said she puts Rapunzel a lot and I don't like seeing Rapunzel and Merida so much! Its annoying!