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After leaving the hiding spot Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and the children started to make their way to the cabin. As the group fled quickly down the overgrown trail all they could do was hope to avoid any more trouble.

Webby, being the youngest and smallest member of the group, was having a hard time keeping up with the rest. But she continued to press on and run as fast as she could in spite of that, because she knew it’s what Uncle Scrooge would want her to do. All the while as she ran, struggling to keep up, she feared that the Beagle Boys would come back and get them. She also worried that...
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"Furry Girl Profiles-Roxanne Episode 7 Playfur Cinema's seventh review features the teenage bombshell Roxanne from "A Goofy Movie". furries furry fandom cartoon kids educational furry information 90's cartoons Disney
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9. Merida

I don't think she's as pretty as everyone says, but she's still pretty. I think her eyes are her best feature. Looking at them is like looking up at a peaceful, cloudless sky. As for her hair, I think it's a little too wild. It makes her look crazy. But at the same time, it's a perfect fit for her personality: free-spirited, rebellious, and unruly. That's why I like it. Moving on, I think her face is a bit too round. It's really cartoony. I don't like her ruddy skin tone either. All in all, she has her good features and her bad features, but she's still fairly pretty.

8. Belle...
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Bonjour! So this is a top-twelve countdown of my favourite Disney villains. Pretty simple, I guess. (WARNING - contains spoilers)

So shall we begin?

12. Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

And he came so highly recommended
And he came so highly recommended

I hate this dude because he's greedy and selfish and actually kind of stupid and blind through his greed and love of gold. He pretends to go on the voyage to help other people find their lives but instead utilises them for his own benefits and not theirs. When he is told that there is no gold in Virginia, he turns blind and possessed, and will stop at nothing to make sure...
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Here are some characters that I really like but nobody pays attention on them. Let's begin.

Helga Katrina Sinclair(Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

I love her! Firstly, she's a total bad*ss. She is maybe one of the strongest disney females and she can be very sexy at the same time. I believe she has a very interesting personality. Helga at the beginning appears to be tough and aggressive. I admire a lot her determination and her strength. But at the end of the movie, she saves Atlantis by preventing Rourke from escaping with the heart of Atlantis. But why did she do that? We can assume that...
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#20 Lilo and Stitch

One of the most Sci-Fi Disney movies but not so sci-fi. The movie was OK I mean it didn't have the kind of sci-fiction I wanted to see. Stitch a blue dog-like alien experiment who came from space and into the Earth. Lilo raised him as her own pet dog. Although she had issues dealing with him and her big sister Nani. I was a pretty dramatic film when Lilo and Nani were having family issues and if they didn't set things straight they'd be separated. Pretty threatening. The real part of the movie is OK. Stitch's laugh is meally annoying most of time it's sounds like a...
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