Donald Duck Vote for a New Club Banner

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 misanthrope86 posted over a year ago
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drewjoana picked Candidate:
Great banner!
posted over a year ago.
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misanthrope86 picked Candidate:
disnerdtobe, if people don't want to change the banner/icon, then they will vote not to and nothing will change, so no, in that instance, if I am the only person submitting anything, then asking if people want a change or not is redundant. If you mean that you wish I had asked for submissions, then I am really sorry about that. I checked both the activity in the club (none for a year) and checked for known banner makers (didn't see any in the fan list), so I took the chance. 99% of the time inactive spots don't have anyone coming forward to submit banners, so I try to make a judgement call that can end in a mistake (this is the first time for that to happen to me though!). Do you want to submit a banner or icon? I can set up a forum for submissions and we can run the polls again after that. I really do like participation, so I am more than happy to facilitate that and didn't intend to exclude anyone.
posted over a year ago.