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I think reid is FINE!!!  burkelinda9567 0 4328 over a year ago
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Fan Fictions!  ReidObssessor 0 7153 over a year ago
SONGS ABOUT REID! =D  ARS333 5 6540 over a year ago
How do think of the way the team handled (didnt handle) reids drug addiction.  lovedrreid 9 4001 over a year ago
VERY IMPORTANT!!! TELL EVERYBODY!!!  spencerfave 4 3744 over a year ago
New FF *Nothing Lasts Forever*.....  Leothebest18 0 3207 over a year ago
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personal fave quotes from Dr.Spencer Reid  lovespencereid 1 15237 over a year ago
Odd habbit?  DarkerKill 5 7037 over a year ago
how to watch Dr. Spencer Reid online?  mortin_jacob 0 2745 over a year ago
New Banner and Icon for this spot!  GublerFlu 33 14984 over a year ago
all bout reid!  lovedrreid 7 3065 over a year ago
New banner?  EverybodyLies 28 6388 over a year ago
Smarty Pants winning  Anna-Wee 7 2325 over a year ago
lets get Reid at #1 for fav tv male.  Anna-Wee 6 2828 over a year ago
Countdown to 300 Fans!  edajsmyth 8 1682 over a year ago
Spencer Reid T Shirt!  grotbags 1 7368 over a year ago
Dr. Reid Screencaps  nikki8green6 6 4155 over a year ago
How do you think season five will end?  lovedrreid 2 4280 over a year ago
Criminal Minds the game?  lovedrreid 3 2857 over a year ago