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Night fell, and Vilicus and Calana took flight.
    “So, what is our plan?” Calana asked, gliding beside Vilicus in the dark.
    “I don’t know. I wasn’t ready yet, but we need to get away. We can think about the future when we are safe in the present.” The two dragons flew through the night, the full moon lighting their way and glinting off their scales, creating two moving constellations that quickly crossed the sky.
    Karaza was dreaming. She was flying, surrounded by dragons. Ahead, there was a cave like the maw...
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Long ago, Dragons met ever other four moons for a All-Together Meeting. Until one night, a dragon destroyed it all...
"Everyone here?" a large green-yellow he-dragon asked. He stretched his long neck to see. He clawed at the air. His eyes flashed around the area of dragons. "Good."
A white she-dragon sighed. "Looking for him, sir?" Her icy blue eyes gave away a cold stare. Then flicked her large white to blue-colored tail at the other dragon. She then spoke once more. "The Ice Dragons live in peace in the Mountains. But humans have begun to take our land for the gold that we hide for...
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posted by Dragonfan92
Page 10.

Few weeks passed after mine and Synthia's lovely night trip. We totally loved each others, even that we didn't told it. I loved Synthia with all my heart, but I really wanted to know, how much she loved me.
One beautiful day, Synthia and I were at the beach walking and watching seagulls and the ocean, when suddenly Synthia remembered how I had told to her about my mother. Mike, Synthia said. -What is it, I asked. We stopped and sat down and looked at the ocean. Seagulls flied on it and dived for catching some fish. Synthia asked me to tell her, how I survived after my mother had died....
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posted by dragonsmemory
Wings beating,
Lungs heaving.
Black shadow
Torn from the sky.

Eyes glancing,
Alert and fierce.
Fire dancing.


Fire dark as night,
Scales bright as gems.
Gleaming eyes,
Searching for a feast.

Wings furled.
Claws extended.
Dives down.
Death claims
Another victim.

Glides up.
Feasting begins.

The dragon flies off.
It is gone,
And the
Is done.

This poem tells of a dark dragon hunting. As the poem says, the dark dragons are everyone's worst fear. No one really knows what being this dragon killed. The dark dragons are known for their flame, which is black. Their eyes also have a more maniacal cast to them, as opposed to normal dragons.
posted by deedragongirl
The Poster
The Poster
Many years ago, I watched this film and it is the sequel to the 1996 film, Dragon-heart. So, here is my review to the 2000 film.

The Story

So the story takes place after the events of the first film, and the new characters did quite well in the story from which I personally feel. It was also very sad that Drake's guardian has passed on, however I did not like Tom Burke's character in this film in which I will talk about it later.

The Characters

Upon looking at photos of Drake, he looks pretty cartoony cute. Ironically, he was voiced by Robbie Benson, the voice of the Beast in Disney's Beauty...
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posted by Dragonfan92
Page 1

My name is Mike and I'm 17 years old male dragon. I was on my daily walking trip and I saw a pond. I decided to go there and drink some water, but when I got there I saw Black, a muscular male dragon with his friends,that were coming.. I decided to leave. Maybe they don't notice me if I run fast away, I thought. But I was wrong. Black saw me and he ran after me. And finally I was trapped. My my, Mike. It's been a while, hasn't it, he said.
Black's tail was like a whip and soon he was lashing me. I tried to avoid the strikes of the whip, but I was too slow. I fell down by the pain and...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
Wow, this place is quiet.... anyway. This is another dragon story I recently wrote (just finished two minutes ago. No joke). I was inspired by the epic song "Protectors of the Earth" by Two Steps From Hell.
Such a woeful yet epic tale it tells, even though it has no words. The music and chorus says it all. A massive battle between two forces, humans and dragons. The dragons are enraged by the humans' acts of selfishness and desire to eradicate the dragon race. They retaliate with the force of a million men, and they will not stop until the species they so despise is gone. Or at least until...
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When dragons go looking for riders, there is next to no chance that any atchlings will be in that group. So, I compiled this little guide to help you be chosen.

STEP 1: Keep an eye out for dragons in the sky. They like humans that are eager for visits.
STEP 2: If one lands in front of you, address it as you would you sovereign monarch. All dragons like flattery and respect, but they dont like ass-kissing.
STEP 3: If it bows back, offer it a snack or a drink. Bowing is their way of greeting while earthbound. Odds are, the dragon will want a brief repast. Remember, it just flew across time and...
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posted by Snowywerewolf
It all started when I was a baby.I was a very weird baby.A always turned into a dragon whenever I got mad for some reason.Let tell you the transformation.
First you start to grow wings.Then you get scales on your body.Then you get a dragon body.As well as the extra wings.Then you get a huge neck.Note:Try to think of this in your head.Then you start to get the huge feet,and wella,you are a dragon!
Well back to the story.As I got older,I started getting a temper.Then I got taller and taller.I got a lot stronger than I should have been.,and finally I got rougher skin.

**End of this part**

posted by deedragongirl
Western Dragon
Western Dragon
Hi guys, I would to write down my reasons why I love this mythical creatures, ready?

1. Unique Powers

They possess unique powers, not just fire, but all of the elements like thunder & lightning just to name a few.

2. I'm One of Them

I feel blessed to born in the year of the Dragon, the Chinese believe that the Dragons are luckiest creature in the Chinese mythology.

3. Dungeons & Dragons

This 2000 film got me fascinated in dragons, if somebody could teach me the game I will love to play it one day!

Team Dragons!

So, if anybody is born in the year of the dragon like me. Please like and comment this list!
Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon
The thu'um
Dragon                      English

Aak.                       Guide
Aal.                        May 
Aan.                      A/An
Aar.                         Servant
Aav.                       Join
Aaz.                       Mercy
Ag.                        Burn
Ah.                         Hunter
Ahmik.        ...
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posted by dragonsmemory
Flying with a dragon is an incredible experience. They are nothing like airplanes. I recently flew with Pandora. Her name means hope. She was the one who chose me to help humans remember their ancient friends.
Since I don't have a horse saddle, I had to wear a pair of jeans. I could feel her scales rub against the fabric, but the pants held.
As we flew, she told me of the most ancient legends smong her kind. I plan to pass tose tales on in future articles. She dpoke of her vision of the future. Earth and Eden would once more be one Place. Dragon and human eould cooperate on many projects.
In return, I shared with Pandora the truth. In the modern age, who really wants to cooperate with a mythological creature that doesn't exist? Hopefully, your postings on this site will prove me wrong.
The Great Ones watch over all. May They guide your hearts to the truth.
posted by Dragonfan92
Page 11.

I still can't believe that I said yes to Synthia's suggestion. At the next morning I was so tired. I couldn't sleep at all, cause I saw nightmares about the upcoming day. I had yelled cause of the dream and Synthia had woken up cause of my yell. I apologized, but she just pet my forehead and said, that it was okay. It was just a dream. I kissed her and went back to sleep. She laid down and put her paws around me and continued sleeping.
We went to hunt some mice for breakfast and then we flew to the Dragotaka. I didn't know where the Dragotaka- land was, but Synthia had been there once...
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posted by Fairstepshaven
Dragons. Nothing comes to mind but the scorching blast of flame, armor like scales, and the burning hatred for mankind. They are known throughout the land as Hell's enemy, for even they are wicked enough to cause disarray within Satan's mind. Creatures that came from no imagination upon this Earth, how they came to be puzzles many. And if any know how, why were they placed here? To torment us? To treat us like toys because of the sins we have never apologized for? Are the gods behind this? Or do they not know where these beasts originated from either? Whatever the case, the humans that populate...
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I've got tons of things on my mind right now, but the most visible is of ELEMENTS mixed with DRAGONS. It's kind of cool, just read this.

Red Dragon = Fire

Blue Dragon = Water

White Dragon = Light and Wind

Black Dragon = Darkness and Spirit

Green Dragon = Earth

This is all from my (little yet big) imagination. I didn't copy or 'steal' as you all oh so nicely say it, from anybody. I'm just an ordinary Dragonz Fan talking- uh...I mean writing about her fantasies which are suprisingly sometimes deep and darker than expected...XD

- Karoii-chan
    “So you’re telling us that there’s a whole other world that these shadows can’t get to. Sounds like just another wild rumor to me.” Aaron was irritated. The dragons had given plenty of useful information, but the one thing that stuck was the rumor of Eden, a realm that the Shadows could not reach.
    “I think it’s true.” Karaza whispers.
    “You too? Is everyone stuck on rumors? Well then I guess we’ll just waltz on over to wonderland and live the rest of our lives in peace.”
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1. Say "reptile" in front of one.
2. Pretend to roast a marshmallow in the dragon's flame.
3. When you get up from the couch, rub your backside and pretend its bruised.
4. If a dragon invites you to lunch, ask if you are the main course.
5. When riding, say "giddyap."
6. Tell the dragon that its most prized treasure is a forgery.
7. Say "we're off to see the lizard" when being taken to meet the rulers.
8. Pretend to look for shed skins or scales
9. Find a bald spot
10. Try to use logic. I guarantee they will correct you before you die.
11. Tell them Einstein was wrong.
12. Poke one in the eye
13. Give...
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posted by beastialmoon
In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth, the Skies and the Land, the Night and the Day. He created all the animals of the World, and it was good. Among these animals were the fiercest, and the most intelligent of the species, the Dragon. Dracon, as the First Man Adam named them, was larger than the Oliphant’s of the land and the Whales of the Water, for it flew in the sky and reigned over all. Man met one Dracon and became very good friends with her, naming her personally as Gaea. God saw that this was not good, for Adam was lonely of his own species and was resorting to...
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posted by Dragonfan92
Page 9

Weeks turned into months. 3 months had passed by and Synthia and I were got more and more closer. We went together out and we were almost always together, where ever we went. When we were at the pond drinking some water, we were kinda close. Our snouts were getting closer and closer, until our tongues touched each other accidentally. We turned our heads quickly away and blushed, but soon we looked each others and started to laugh. We had great time together. Soon that day was finally passed in the evening. We returned to her cave. I have told about my problems to her, and she listened....
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posted by moondragon01
Genna was a fine place to live, if not for the location. It was just along the borders of the ashes where the Uiht, or dark elves, resided. You could even see one of their towers towering over the sea like a pillar growing from the ground. White ash mixed with the snow that blanketed over the ground. There were four buildings in Genna itself. First there was Ingrin’s forge, a one story building with two windows on the front, the floor inside covered with snow.
Then there was the shack where Luieku and her husband lived. Then, the largest building in the hamlet, the home of Titus Afer and...
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