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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan's pov

It was Justin, it's like he gets up in the mornings to make my life hell. Also, he thinks my name is towel boy. Anyway that's not the shocking part; with him was Courtney, Hot Courtney from last night. I am completely sure that she was not here yesterday, at least not on my shift. I would definitely have noticed that body walking around.
Okay, here she comes. Damn she's gorgeous.
"Hi,"she said, she looks up from her bag, "Oh, I know you, you're Duncan, right?" I sort of zoned out as I looked into her onyx eyes.
"Oh yeah,"I said, "Here's your...
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*Courtney's POV*

Today was horrible so far. I woke up 20 minutes late, meaning I had to rush. I went to get in my car, and it breaks down. So now, i'm rushing to get to the Cafe to get myself a cup of coffee to sooth myself from all the happenings from earlier before I have to go my hell, which most people call work. To my satisfaction, I arrived at the coffee shop within 15 minutes. "I'm just gonna go in, grab my coffee, and leave." I said to myself.I waited in line for a little, for it wasn't as busy as usual. I noticed this, but I'm not one to question a good thing. I got my usual Caramel...
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Courtney P.O.V.

Great!This is just GREAT!!!Now I have to go on a date with that devil!UGH!!!Atleast I get my halo back,or so I hope.I put on my normal outfit and waited for Duncan.

I herd the door dell rang,I opened it to see Duncan.

Courtney:Let's just get this over with!

Duncan P.O.V.

Courtney:Let's just get this over with!

I love that woman,We went for a walk in the park.
I don't know I wasn't hungry so...yeah.We went to the dock and stargazed.

Courtney:The stars are so beautiful
Duncan:It's only beautiful cause it shines in your eyes.
Courtney:*Blushes*Oh Duncan*Giggles*

{3 Hours later}

all we've been...
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Courtney POV:
I watched as monn slowly beagn to take over the beautiful sun. The night fell and we could walk out in to the darkness. Duncan took my hand as we walked out. My fit perfectly in his, I felt so safe when i have any contect with him. He might be everything I dislike... But i can't live right with out him. He looked at me and said," I want to show you something... come on," he said as he strated to run, and i did the same. He brought me to a cemetary. I looked around and i could not find duncan. Until i looked over and saw him sitting on a grave. I walked over o him slowly and said,"who...
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Courtney's p.o.v

"Duncan?" She asked

I couldn't speak his name.Thoughts started racing through my head.

"Yea..duncan.. i met him on t-t d-d i-i"

"oh so tell us about him"

"Duncan..he was my bad boy...my parents wouldn't let me date him so very school year we would seek out." I smiled as i started to remember the times."and every summer we would break up then get back together. chris the host of the show would tease us..." She cutt me off.

"Wait..we are having him on this show in two weeks..would you what me to saw anything to him?"

"If you see him tell him a wish him well how...
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I dont own tdi/tda or tdwt

courteny POV

courtney called Duncan and he answered the phone. as soon as i hered his voice i was so happy
Duncan- whats up babe
courtney- i just wanted to talk to you.
Duncan- what do you wont to talk about princess.
courtney- about our relationship.
Duncan- why do you want to talk about our relationship for.
courtney- becaues we need to be on the same level with our relationship.
Duncan-we are on the same level with our relation ship.
courtney- yeah i guess we are on the same level Dunky
Duncan- yeah and dont ever call me dunky anymore ok babe
Duncan- so do you want to go out tomorrow night with me princess
courtney-yeah i would love to.
Duncan- cool Ill pick you up at 8 ok
courtney-cool see you then bye
Duncan- bye babe

i hope you liked part 2
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I was sitting in science class, a few minutes before the lesson started.

"Hey Courtney" the teacher, Miss Jackson, greeted me.

"Hey Miss Jackson" I replied happily.

I loved science, it was so fun when we did the practicals with chemicals. And I got my first A+ in this class, too.

The students started filing in and sat down at their assigned seats.

I was the only one who didn't have a partner, so I stuck my hand up and said "Miss Jackson? I don't have a partner"

"Oh, he'll be here-" she was interrupted by the door opening and banging shut.

"I'm here. Where's my seat?" a punk, who I recognized as Duncan...
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Just an idea from when I saw Duncan make out with Gwen, Sick! DISGUSTING!

Courtney refused to look at anyone talk to anyone, she pretty much shut down completely. Everyone death glared at Duncan and Gwen whenever they were in the room.
They honestly didn't like the CIT very much but no deserves what she got. Chris was blabing on and on about something or other.
Courtney stepped into the room and everyone gasped, her hair was dead like straw, her tanned skin not so bright, lips dry as the desert and her eyes...red, puffed and soul less.
Duncan couldn't believe his eyes, he did that to her he mange...
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Courtney's P.O.V
UH! Why can't he leave me alone! "Shut up, We're in school you cretin! I'm trying to work!" I shouted at "it". He is so annoying! "Why can't you relax for once? Besides work is boring!"
That's how it always was. Ever since 5th grade. It seems i met my opposite.
*Flash back*
"Class," the teacher announced, "we have a new student! His name is Duncan" After class the teacher told me to show him around the school. I honestly didn't want to. I mean seriously? This guy had so many piercings, and a lime green Mohawk. I have to admit, i liked his hair...But the whole punk scene was stupid...he...
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"What?" Bridgette looked at me sadly.

"He commited... suicide" I whispered the last part, not really wanting to say it.

"But why?" her eyes filled with tears at the same time as mine.

"He couldn't pretend anymore, Bridgette. The divorce was... messy"

"What happened?" she hugged me quickly.

"We got seperated. It was decided that he had to live in a different foster home to... me" I looked away, embarrased.

"Your in a foster home now?" her eyes widened.

"Yeah, im going there tonight, after school" I couldn't make eye contact with her, or I would start crying again.

The bell sounded.

"Looks like we skipped...
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my pov:
sorry it took long well here it is..

courtneys pov.

Me and duncan where talken about random things...we where actely getting along it was a bit weird,and then duncan did somethng that realy ticked me off...he grabed my ass when i wasent looking .. my eyes went wide,and i said,
DUNCAN!!! you just ruined a good momment.
Realy...i thought i made it better,said duncan with a smirk.
No you dident now get out of here!,i scremed.
Courtney,wait im sorry can i please stay,said duncan.
weeellll?,i said
Come on court,baged duncan.
fine,i agreed.
well lets talk about...oh whats your fav song?,ask duncan.
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Courtney's POV:

Duncan, why was he being so vile? I mean if he wants this kiss so bad he's willin to pry my best friend for it he needs to just kiss me! Well the terms were that I had to kiss HIM.

I might just get this nonsence overwith and kiss him already so that way things can go back to normal! We as normal as normal can be on this twisted reality show.

I had just noticed there were no cameras on the bus, I didn't want to ask about it because if I did he'd probably get some cameras!

I felt Duncan tap on my shoulder ruining my train of thought and him say, "So, started thinking about the kiss...
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"Hey, what in Gods name are you doing, Duncan?" i questioned the 14 year old punk who was sitting infront of me.

When i didn't get an answer, i flicked the back of his head. I bet he was just doing this to piss me off.

"Just leave it Courtney, he's obviously asleep" my best friend, Bridgette, hissed.

"No, i wont just 'leave it', he's doing this to piss me off" i hissed back.

Duncan snored and the whole class erupted into a fit of giggle's.

"Duncan! WAKE, UP!" i screamed at him.

Thank the lord, the teacher wasn't in the room.

"DUNCAN!" i screeched again and this time, he actually woke up.

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Courtney's POV: I ran towards the gym and asked the janitor to unlock the door. He unlocked it and I sat down with all of my planning supplies - Blueprints, measuring tape, notepads and pencils. I was the head of the decorating comittee. I had to plan the haunted house for spirit night.
"You need any help?" I heard a voice. I quickly spun around, thinking it was an intruder. To my relief, it was just Duncan.
"How did you get in here?" I asked him. "That is not important." he seductively said. He put his hands on my hips and I put my hands behind his neck and we kissed. We started to move but...
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My P.O.V

Duncan just looked at her. It was silent. Duncan broke the silence by saying in between laughs "Ohhh thats a good one Princess..Now what did you want to tell me?"
Courtney looked dumbfounded and bewildered.
"Im Pregnant"
"Ok Courtney it's not as funny the second time."
"Im being serious Duncan"
He just stared, at her. Well He wasn't really looking at anything really, just staring. His mind swam, his stomach flipped, and im not sure but if he had to go he would have shit his pants. He was shocked, he took a couple steps back and sat down in his black chair. He didnt really know what he was...
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Courtney’s POV

A screen flashes overhead, and I glance up. The store’s small television produces two black and whites figures. It’s an old movie, and I’m absorbed in it. Mainly, because it’s unreasonable.

“Oh!” The woman cries as the man takes her in his arms swiftly. She turns the other way, but the man continues to pursue her. Suddenly, their eyes meet, and the young woman swoons. A soft expression overcomes her features, and she smiles sweetly. “Oh, Johnny!” And they begin to kiss.

I scowl and ball my hands into fists. “Please! Like that really happens. What if she’s secretly...
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i cant do this!! i'm not going to brigette! i cant marry him i know its gonna end badly!!- courtney
just because ur not thrilled about this doesn't mean you WONT get the million! you will if you just complete the challenge, oh and here you go here are the vows now have fun go down that aisle and act like nothing is wrong!!- brigette
courtney walked down the aisle
oh god! when she walked down the aisle all i could think about is how much i loved and how hot she looks in a wedding dress!- duncan
courtney got to the alter and chris, who was acting as the preacher- did all the usual wedding stuff then he got to the challenge part of this
okay the challenge part is that heehee, you have to say no and you have to say yes at the same time!!!- chris

okay ya i kno its short but hey!! there will b more tomorow
Courtney's POV:
I walked over to the breakfast line to recieve my bag of chips.
Yep.You heard me!
Ever since I came back,so I wouldn't sue again,I got the royal treatment.
As I sat down with a smug look on my face I saw everyone eyeing my food.
"Hey Courtney-"
Harold started to ask.
I yelled at him.
The rest of the people who walked past me didn't even try for a chip.
Except for Duncan.
He asked nervously.
I said nervously,my mouth crunching chips noisily.
"You know....can I uh..."
He sat across from me anyway.
"Princess I know you're mad but-"
"Hello campers!"
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