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Courtney (CITPrincess) is back! With Heather (AnimentalCosplayer)! (They've both won a Total Drama Halloween contest for their Courtney and Heather cosplays.) This is a duo video they made together, which is AWESOME. :)
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Courtney pov
One year. One year since tdwt. One year since Duncan cheated on me. One year since a horrible heartbreak, but that's all gone. since it's Christmas eve, I'm decide to go out and hang with my friends.

You might think that I'm the same Courtney from total drama, well your wrong. I've actually changed a lot in one year. My hair is longer, and I wear more fashionable cloths than the other cloths I wore on total drama. I can't believe I actually thought they looked good. Did I mention I'm more laid back now then I was before?

I get on my coat and begin to walk to the door. When I opened...
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Courtney se puso en medio de Lesawana y Hetder, y las separo. Courtney- dejen de pelearse por tonterías, actúen como adultas.
Lesawana-pero… ella dijo que mi ropa la compraba en baratas y que ella era más sexi que yo. En eso, Duncan se metió en la pelea. Duncan-en eso tiene razón. En ese momento, todos se dieron vuelta y fijaron sus ojos en Duncan y lo único que él pudo decir fue: Hola a todos, me extrañaron.
Luego se escucho un grito de terror en la habitación...
Harold-Duncan está de vuelta, mi vida se termino y salió corriendo de la allí hasta su habitación a esconderse debajo...
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"Hey Princess!" Duncan who was in the bathroom getting ready, tonight he was taking Courtney to a party.
"What?" She yelled back from his living room, "Can you bring me my clothes? I left them on my bed!" He yelled once again and it made her roll her eyes,
"Seriously? How forgetful are you..." Courtney sighs as she gets up and goes into his room.

In his room were pictures of his favorite rock bands,
pictures of his family and pictures of him and Courtney. She looked onto his bed and grabbed the clothes he had stacked to wear.
She walked toward the door and knocked, "I'm leaving your clothes by...
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(hey guys just wanna say this story is almost over so if you like my kinda writing you can make a request at my latest question "want a couple story?" also thanks for reading it means so much to me!!!!)

Athena, duncan, artemis, apollo, and hepheastus walked over to zeus. " hi daddy," apollo said. " hey buttercup. hi kids what do ya need?" zeus said. " zeus could we speak to you alone with out hera," apollo asked. " excuse me what do you kids have against me. in fact if it wasnt for me you wouldnt be here lyre boy," hera said in blaineley's defensive voice. " hera i hate to be mean but......shutup!!!,"...
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It's been two months since i told my parents that i'm pregnant.I'm starting to get a tummy.I moved in with duncan.We live in a house not an apartment.My parents wouldn't allow it.We are almost done unpacking but we still have to get the nursery up and everything.

"This is the last box princess" He said as he closed the door with his feet.He set it down by me so i could go through it.

"I got the kitchen stuff in the kitchen the living room stuff in here the bedroom stuff in our room" I said as i showed him a bra.He came over and took the bra off of me and carried me to our room.We started to make...
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