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I woke up on a Friday, tired and cranky. I looked at my alarm clock, '6:30' it read. "I have to get going, damn frickin school..." I grunted as I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and left. I had gotten on the motorcycle my mother got for me for my 16th birthday, it had skull stickers on it, and was dark black, totally my dream bike. I had ridden to my girlfriend's, Courtney's house, knocked on her door, to have her dad in front of me, he never really liked me, but like i give a damn. "Duncan." said Courtney's dad. "Evan.." I said smirking. He looked like he was gonna kill me....
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: I packed the rest of the small things in my room into the last box. I closed the lid and looked around my room. It was empty except for the heavy furniture such as my dresser, desk, bed and TV set. "Courtney! Bring down the rest of your stuff! The movers are here!" my dad yelled from downstairs. We're moving again. This time, to New York. I'm only leaving one true friend behind so I won't have much to be sad about. I walked downstairs with the box as the bug mover men walked past me up to my room. Ever since my mom died, my dad can't seem to stay in one place for too long. I...
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Hey guyz! I'm new on this site..but I've been a DxC fan 4 like, EVER! This is a new story, so I hope u like it!

Courtney's POV: "Set, hike!" I said as I drew back my right arm and threw the football. Andrew caught the ball and started running for the touchdown zone. He scored and did a weird dance as he threw the ball to the ground.

"Evans!" the coach yelled.

I put my hands on my hips and looked up to the sky. I jogged toward the coach and said, "Yeah, coach?"

"Evans, we've been over this. You've gotta get rid of the ball faster. Look, you're one of the best quaterbacks I've ever seen and I don't...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Trent took me to red lostber and bought everything! It was amazing! When we were talking he grabbed my hand and kissed it.then he said he wanted to ask me something.He started by saying

"I like you alot and i wanted to know if...." Then he got bothered by duncan. Duncan sat down by me and started eating our food and everything else.

Right now im on duncans motorcyle hes driving me home because trent left mad.God i hate him!

"So princess what are you doing for the rest of the night?"

"Im going home and im going to sleep!" i said hitting him in the head.

"Princess we need to talk.....about us"

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posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan's iPod
Duncan's iPod
Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour never happened!

Duncan's POV:I sat in my room as I listened to my ipod.I played my favorite song,"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison".I had the volume turned up all the way but to me it wasn't loud enough.Suddenly,my cellphone vibrated.I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it."Duncan?Is that you kiddo?It's Chris!You know,the one who tortured you on the island."a voice said."What do you want?And don't call me kiddo."I said."I'm having a little Total Drama reunion.And since you were on the show,I want you to come."Chris said."I ain't...
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Courtney skipped into the schoolyard merrily. She loved school. Most pople she knew always hated school, but to her hateing school is like hateing your future.
Wel, then again, now thinging about it, when the future thing comes about, she could see why Duncan Caliver hated school.
Duncan andher had a hate, arch nemisis thing. But there were moments were it became "I'm so mad at you that it makes me love you at this moment", but those are rare. However, it seemed like Duncan wanted one of those today.

Duncan's P.O.V
Uniforms. Uh, I HATE uniforms. I have to wear a TIE to school, it's like school...
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posted by Lollipop97
Hiya folks! I know i normaly wait with the oneshots, until i'm done with my current story, but i was reading a story on fanfiction.net and it was great! So i decided to re- write it in DxC mode. I relly hope you like it! The realstory was wrote by RadiantBeam, so all the credit to her!

Okay, well, let's start! Oh, just a sec! Make sure to have some handerchiefs, in first place it made me cry! Songfic about DxC, song used: Allysa Lies, by Jason Michael Caroll.

Okay, again, start.

Courtney frowned as she carefully pressed a Band-Aid to a fading bruise...
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Courtney se puso en medio de Lesawana y Hetder, y las separo. Courtney- dejen de pelearse por tonterías, actúen como adultas.
Lesawana-pero… ella dijo que mi ropa la compraba en baratas y que ella era más sexi que yo. En eso, Duncan se metió en la pelea. Duncan-en eso tiene razón. En ese momento, todos se dieron vuelta y fijaron sus ojos en Duncan y lo único que él pudo decir fue: Hola a todos, me extrañaron.
Luego se escucho un grito de terror en la habitación...
Harold-Duncan está de vuelta, mi vida se termino y salió corriendo de la allí hasta su habitación a esconderse debajo...
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posted by DxCisCute
Courtney's POV My father made me come to this pitiful town ughh. By the way I'm Princess Courtney. I'm walking up the dock with my favorite dress on. I walk by this pirate with a green mohawk. He was carving a stick. I roll my eyes at him. Why? Because he gives me this smirk. Maybe wants my money heh as if. He walks up to me and still has that smirk on his face. Duncan:Hey Princess got a name? Me:Uh yeah its Princess Courtney. Duncan:I'd rather call you Princess. Me:Whatever. Duncan:By the way the names Duncan. Me:Uhh okay bye Duncan. Duncan:*Sighs* Bye. Me:Whats wrong? I was concerned why...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s Neckalce
Courtney`s Neckalce
Courtney`s POV:The High School was HUGE!It was probally the biggest building I`ve ever seen.I looked at Bridgette,Geoff,Trent,Gwen and Duncan`s neck.They had their necklaces on.I felt my neck for my necklace.It wasn`t there."Uh-oh."I said."What?"Duncan asked."Nothing."I said."You don`t have your necklace do you."he said."Nope."i said."Here,have mine."he said."No.It only works on Fire benders remember."I said."Oh yeah.Uhh...just try to keep it under control okay."Duncan said."Sure."I said.

Duncan`s POV:Oh great.She doesn`t have her necklace.She spent all the time in the world trying to wake me...
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posted by duncylovescourt
when DJ gets attacked by animals , duncan starts laughing then courtney glares at him.

. when they were deciding who on their team should jump off the cliff first duncan said " ladies first." while looking at courtney.
. he suggested that they vote courtney off.. btu in the end he proabably voted off ezekial.

. courtney was least afriad of duncans death threat before he lied on the bench.
. it was her idea to wake duncan up and when he got angry, courtney was the 1 who explained it 2 him.
. hes responded with soemthing along the line of " why...
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posted by dxcfan
Every time I turned around he was there looking at me, with his amazing smile. We both lay down on the grass, as we stared at each other, passionately. His eyes were sparkling like the diamonds, no, like the stars I wish on every night.

I reached out to touch him, but than a storm came by and washed away my beautiful painting. Escaping the most flawless thing I had ever seen. The rain cleaned every ounce of beauty there was left.

I tried to cry, hoping if I prayed enough he would came back, but I couldn't. And then a large rain cloud charged at me in full speed.

It started to rain on me as...
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posted by agtimm
Courtney sits by her fireplace and reads a book. A unknown book because the front of the book has been faded away. The doorbell rings and Courtney yells "I'll get it!" Oh wait! I forgot, my family is on vacation. Courtney opens the door and gasps. Duncan stands there grinning. The rain falls on him and his black tee shirt sticks to his chest. "Duncan! Come inside, its freezing out there!" Duncan steps inside and looks from side to side. Then he looks back to smiling courtney. "Why are you here?" Courtney asks. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance at my high school. "You came all...
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50 things you must know about Duncan

By Courtney

So as you know, apparently I am meant to be head over heels with Duncan.......I’m not!

I made a list for all you poor people who will have to interact with him in the future.

1. Duncan is that teen with the green Mohawk, lots of facial piercings, red converse, skull shirt.....and the hot body (actually, erase that from your memories! I did not say that about him!)

2. Nicknames for him include

a) The delinquent

b) Danger boy

c) Vandal

d) Criminal

e) Juvenile

f) Idiot

g) Neanderthal


i) ......Dunky (please note that was one time only......and several...
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duncan's pov:
I can't believe Courtney's back! I screamed as i walked into the boys cabin.Down boy, don't get too excited!Justin said. I'm not! I'm actually kinda mad. I said. Stop lying! We know you dig her. Said Justin smirking.No, I don't!I yelled
Courtney's pov:
As I was making my new bed, Heather came up to me and asked"Sooooo...how's your little relationship working out for you"? I'm not into him anymore.I said annoyed.Oh really? She asked. Then what's this? She said as she reached into my pocket and pulled out the wooden skull Duncan made for me the day I left total drama island.
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posted by gwentrentever
you want drama,romance,comody and what not then read my fanfiction called TDI HIGH i created it last night and i already have 16 episodes you will love it and you can give me ideas for the show if you want so plz read my fanfiction!!!!

hope you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Firestar3440
TDWT Fan Script
Remaining Contestants
Team CIRRRH (Chris is really really really hot)
Alejandro, Duncan, Owen
Team Amazon:
Courtney, Sierra, Heather, Cody
(This episode is set after Gwen and Duncan kissed, Courtney found out, and Gwen went home)
OK I know that this script is going to be BORING and KINKY but, HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! :)
[P.S. G+D fans, DO NOT READ!!!
I AM A D+C fan!]

(Team CIRRRH in loser class)
Alejandro: ( In confession cam )
"Loser class again! I need to figure out a way to get winning again!......... Wait......Courtney...
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"Duncan I- i can explain."

"No need, you like him, obviously."

Then Duncan cut in, "Look, it wasn't her fault it was mine."

Duncan, "Well, I'll let you get back to it, bye Courtney, we are over." I know what you are thinking right now, "WOO YEAH HE DUMPED HER YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wrong, it ain't over yet!

Courtney said, (there is only gonna be one Duncan now, mohawk duncan.) "Oh god!"

"I'll leave you two alone." Bridgette said.

"Courntey, what's wrong?"

"Oh, I don't know! My boyfriend just dumped me and i just realized that I'm still in love with the guy that i have known since i was sixteen,...
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posted by 232dxc
my pov.
ok so you know that i made a mistake and preassed publish with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i said trying to move his hold.
"nop" said duncan pining me harder.
"if you don't let me leave then i wont help you with your math!,i said giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want you over at my parent free house to...
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posted by TheShebe
This is based 5 years after TDWT, some of the people have lost touch with each other and haven’t seen each other since the reunion 3 years ago. This starts out if California with Courtney 2 weeks after graduating college.

Courtney’s POV
(walking down beach)Wow it has been a long four years with college but I had best time ever! I was head cheerleader, finished all 4 years with straight A’s, and was nominated for Prom Queen didn’t get it but still was honored to be nominated. Now I should be happy since I found myself and stop being a rude selfish person but im not. I miss the old days...
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