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Jacob: I love her *pulls her arm*
Edward:but I love her more *pulls her arm harder*
Bella:ow that hurts ya know. *winces*
Edward and jacob: SHUT UP BITCH!
Bella:well ya know what If youz are gonnae be like this then a dinnae want tae be wae either ae ye so FUCK OFF!
Edward: I am soo sorry bella please forgive me... if yoo don't a wull go tae the volturi and ask to die.
Bella: I am gonnae smack seven shades of shit out of you you sonovabitch- your dead you hear me dead.
Jacob: bella wanna go have sex? you are one fiiiiine peice of ass.
Bella yeah okay. *edward drops her arm like he has been tasered*...
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I posted this in the Twilight Series spot, and I thought it might also get more perspective here :)

This is sort of an informal rant/observation.

We all know that New Moon is about tragedy and the loss of love and the aftermath. Edward left Bella. But why did he leave her?

Since New Moon is being adapted into a feature length film, I've been seeing alot of questions and accusations reguarding Edward's absense.

- Jacob's better than Edward because he didn't leave Bella!
- Why would Edward leave Bella if he loved her?
- Edward's scum. When you love someone, you don't just abandon...
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