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Edwards the one  ec_baby191 0 1492 over a year ago
Edward's Bio  Heidi42 32 55241 over a year ago
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how hot he is  cheyanne10 1 1721 over a year ago
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Edward or Jacob  31ilikeallstars 33 12310 over a year ago
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Mixtape Video(Off Topic)  GospelRapper 0 1195 over a year ago
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EDWARD CULLEN ICON COMP!!!  callejahLUVSed 13 5254 over a year ago
how are you?  swif 0 1290 over a year ago
how are you?  swif 0 888 over a year ago
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New Moon DVD  tmb04 2 1073 over a year ago
LOL  martemora15 0 2726 over a year ago
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rob & kristen marrying rumors  star_bella 6 1656 over a year ago
Edward Cullen is soooo cute!!!!  Bellababy 7 1336 over a year ago
Rob and Paris Hilton Rumors!!!!!!!!! U have 2 read this iz juicy and gross!!  RobertPatty 20 1587 over a year ago
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What date?  lil_miss_regan 1 1595 over a year ago
Immature Edward Fans  jacob4ever57 22 1934 over a year ago
Edward dies in every movie he is in  Jacob305 1 1094 over a year ago
CALLING ALL JACOB FANS!!!!!  Lycan500 3 1320 over a year ago
kiss  coollaney1 5 1337 over a year ago
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Why We Love Him  Heidi42 18 1982 over a year ago
TEAM JACOB  jakelover1025 4 1030 over a year ago
Are you freakin serious?  Lycan500 0 1039 over a year ago
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Spunk Ransom hit by a taxi  mrs_cullen1918 0 847 over a year ago
okay so the other day....  luvrofedward 14 928 over a year ago
Newbie :)  lindsey-ann 3 1073 over a year ago
love for edward  darkride120 1 862 over a year ago
Best Edward Cullen moment  lindsey-ann 1 1297 over a year ago
Twilight Stuff  MeLoveEdward 2 1216 over a year ago
Bella part  oreo_cookies93 4 1309 over a year ago
Edward's Family  jenny365 5 792 over a year ago
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Deal with it!  Meg08 19 7008 over a year ago
hey you there  hjade96 1 878 over a year ago
Baby Got Edward (;  downpillows 0 891 over a year ago
Baby Got Edward (;  downpillows 0 931 over a year ago
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robert pattinson  XpsychotickissX 23 4031 over a year ago
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Team Edward  kiki15 0 1103 over a year ago
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Can someone help me out?  BritKeyser 2 1063 over a year ago
movie edward  jam4evermore 3 1153 over a year ago
do u like carlisle cullen?  Joe_Jonas 8 1143 over a year ago
GAMESTOP  randomchicky456 0 1094 over a year ago
Great Banner!!!  Meg08 12 1648 over a year ago