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posted by emilykuru

edward-bella vs harry-ginny

Edward and bella go to a railway station during one rainy day in london. They meet harry and ginny there,

( bella is not changed into a vampire yet )

Edward: bella love, close your eyes please!

Bella: why edward?

(thinks to himself)

Edward : just yesterday I had promised her that she was the prettiest one I have ever seen, but here here is ginny who looks so pretty.
And bella should better stay away from harry, or she will ditch me like jake..

( meanwhile harry is using legilimence when edward is busy thinking )

Harry: well, why am I going to eye a crackpot...
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posted by karthu1993
To tell the truth, I liked twilight when I read it for the first time, because it was a good time pass and okay it was tolerable. But when I read neww moon, eclipse and breaking dawn, They all appeared the same.
Two guys fighting over a blank faced, whiny girl with no personality

and it was about Edward and his family trying their level best to protect her from evil vampires

The villain Victoria's boy died and she created an army of new borns and that includes millions of young and innocent boys and girls .
They all got killed and Bella and the Cullens were like, That sucks .

Bella just...
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be note that this might get missy
1cute ( 1 movie u want to go in and pick his cheeks)
2 smart he erans his grades

3 love he gives some one a chase and takes a chpoel of brake ups till he find his girl
4 popler well he is jus couse of his scar

5 wand yay he is a wizard that can do anythink he wants
6life story i mean that this could happen i mean a boy parnts can die and have to live with no good anits and unlces

time to do edward
1 ungly in the movies in the books i tout he was poply to be hot then hot
2 love he is a no good boyfiend he runs away from her for no good reson wich is why am on team jack
3 popler cose he is hot
4 smart 150 years hi he spiks class half the time
5 stong he can take and thing down but not harry
6 vamiper that spckes haha thats funny an don't hot
7 no plot in the story
so over to me harry is hot and the guy of my dreams u chose and if i did not name your side that u know name a resan
posted by potterchicwild5
So my veiw on the subject. Welk first let my saw i'm aPotterhead by the long shot. Now that we've cleared that up, one reason i like Harry potter more than the Twilight saga is becuse when Ginny and hermione's love leave them, they don't mope around. The get up and and do somthing with their lives. When Edward leaves bella, she mopes for a few months than tries to kill herself.

Now i don't want my little sister to read this and think that if her hearts broken, that she should kill herself.

Bella is 18 and he dates a 100 some year old guy and gets pregenet.

I don't want my little sister to read this and date a guy whos to old for her and get pregnet becuse bella does.

So what's you veiw on it?