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ElfenliedFan posted on Dec 27, 2009 at 11:15AM
Join the biggest ElfenLiedFansite since the removal of elfenlied.net! Take from the description:

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Welcome to the biggest ElfenLied Website created from the former Elfenlied.net Fans. Here you can find everything and anything on Elfen Lied. We offer fanart, watch all the downloadable episodes (including DUB versions), mangas, comics, history, and so much more! We hope you enjoy your time here, and stop by our forums and say hello! Enjoy!

Now hosting all 14 episodes including dubbed, over 50 Backgrounds, over 100 comic strips, 107 manga chapters, Character Guides, Games, Fanart, Youtubes, Introduction art designs, Manga and covers, Soundtracks, Bios, Episode guides and even the old elfenlied.net website!

LINK: link

Its a great site, hope you guys like the contribution to this forum!

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