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posted by yankeefan1
“Is it true that you couldnt stand being away from me so you decided to come surprise me?” Eli smirked at her and Clare rolled her eyes. “Actually I was bored.” Clare chuckled as the song ended and Eli gave her a teasing glare. “You promised no more lying.” Eli whined and Clare tilted her head as she pushed him to sit back on the bed. “Who said I was?” Clare teased and Eli frowned before her lips met his. “Truth or Dare, Captain smug.” Clare asked. Eli thought for a moment. “Truth.” He leaned back against his pillows and Clare sat cross legged opposite him. “Do you...
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posted by xRockerChickx

"hey Adam!" I said enthusiastically while stopping by my locker. 
"whoa! Someone's cheerful today." Adam Said sarcastically. "did a boy who's name start with E float your boat ?!" I blushed and lightly punched him on the arm. 
     Someone came behind me and wrapped their hands around my waist, "hey blue eyes," Before I could reply, Adam gagged and ran to the nearest trash can and faked puked. Eli grinned and pushed his soft lips on mine  gaving me a passionate kiss. 
"UUGGHH!!!! No PDA!!!!! Hasn't Simpson told you guys already? NO! I bet fifty times!" Adam yelled causing...
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posted by yankeefan1
i would like to discuss the scene where eli is talking to clare about going to the convention.....he's like " you would make me the happiest person in the world if you came with me"....and then he just leaves her there. Clare doesn't really have a choice. What would you do?

in my opinion...i don't blame clare for not going. Both Eli and Clare knew that they weren't allowed to. i would feel queazy and unsure about it. But, i don't think clare handled the situation well either! She could've asked where eli was when she was on the phone with him. She should've known (since it was the anniversary of julia's death) that Eli was up to something.

And eli, instead of crashing morty, you could've you now SOLD HIM.
posted by moolah
E is for Emo
L is for Love
I is for Intense
A is for Amazing
J is for Just right
H is for Hot
G is for Great
O is for Outstanding
L is for Lips
D is for Darling
S is for Super
W is for Wonderful
O is for Out of the ordinary
R is for Real
T is for True Lover
H is for Hesitant
Y is for Young
Can it be any simpler?
Yes…let us describe him♥
Gold. Better than it.
Worthy. Worthy of Love and Life
Eli. Just hot
Jah. Just…everything.
Which one? All of the above?
All of the above!
I love Eli_Gold:}