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Dream catch me when I fall...Or else I wan't come back at all....

Olivia lay in one of the squad room bunks, staring at the bottom of the bunk above her. She didn't feel like going home, it was nearly a cold case and there wasn't time for her own comfort. She rolled over as she faced the digital alarm on the table beside her; 3:45am. But she couldn't sleep. Finally she drifted off, dreaming of him...

She awoke when someone sat at the foot of her bed. The clock read 10:45pm. She sighed as she sat upright and realised who was there. Elliot Stabler was sitting there, in a white singlet. His toned...
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posted by svu_lover1
Coffee :)
Coffee :)
A/N: I wrote this during the summer and just now realized that i have yet to post it so...heres the story!


SVU Squad Room
9:36 P.M.

It had been yet another case, another case that Elliot and Olivia had gotten close to. It had been one helluva roller-coaster: they had fought, cried, and almost literally bled. Sitting at their desks, Olivia stood up and seated herself on the edge of Elliot’s desk. He looked up at her warily, almost as if he was expecting her to suddenly start yelling at him again for beating two of their perps to a bloody pulp....
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laughing :)
laughing :)
A/N: okay, so i just pulled this up from the dregs of my computer...apparently i got bored over x-mas and decided to write some eo lol xD

well, here ya go :)

discription: Elliot and Kathy got divorced, and now he, with no place to go, is living with Olivia. He has been living with her for 5+ months. Kathy and Elliot's break-up (God don't we all wish that were to finally happen???) wasn't very pretty. Background info and such are in his flashback; don't skip ahead to that, It may disrupt the flow of things :P


SVU Precinct

December 23rd, 2009

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posted by RosalynCabenson
Title: Whole Again – The first Meeting

Author: Rosalyn

Shipping: Elliot/Olivia

Genre: Angst, Romance

Note: My first EO fanfiction (and my first english one ^.~)
Thaks to Eline_K for the beta <3


“I want a new partner.”
That was what she said to the captain.
Now sitting at her desk at her new job at Computer Crimes, the words of her former partner Elliot came to her mind.
“Look, we both choose each other over the job. We can never let that happen again. Otherwise we can’t be partners.”
And they echo in her head again and again causing her a bad headache.

That was right before she had left...
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posted by svu_lover1
He knew it. Hell, everyone knew it. His two best detectives were in love.
He knew it. Hell, everyone knew it. His two best detectives were in love.
A/N: Just a little fic that i wrote TWO YEARS AGO and just now found xD Its from cragen's pov and junk so...here it goes! basically its just what cragen thinks of the Bensler partners ;)


He knew it. Hell, everyone knew it. His two best detectives were in love.

Her first day on the job, he saw that spark, the one you only get once in a lifetime, pass between them. He could tell by the way they smiled, the way they said, “Hello”.

It was blindingly obvious, and yet, still he kept them together. He knew that IAB would have his ass on a sliver platter...
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A/N: Hey guys, I'm here with another update! Have fun with this Chapter! xD

Disclaimer: I own nothing and Dick Wolf owns it all, but if I did own them, Elliot and Olivia would have already jumped each other years ago, and would be much happier now ;)


NYPD Christmas Ball

8:03 P.M.

The room was spectacular, the already white walls only intensifying the Christmassy look. There were red and green streamers lining the walls, and a single, massive Christmas tree in one of the corners. It was easily fifteen feet high, and under it were presents that had...
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A/N: heres chapter five; this is the last one i already wrote, so chapter six is still in the worx ;) as always, enjoy!

Two Awkward Minutes Later

“Kids…” Elliot said unsurely. “Go upstairs and unpack all of your stuff. I’ll be up there in a few minutes.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Dickie, wondering how so much hate could be conveyed in a single look. It utterly broke my heart to see a child of Elliot’s, especially one that looked so much like him, have that look towards me. The last had been Kathleen, before she realized that...
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A/N: A new story that im writing, i already have a bunch of chappy's done...here we go! (the beginning is a BIT misleading...but keep reading (:)


Elliot Stabler.

The name that every woman within a mile of the 16th Precinct knew. He was smart, sexy, and not even to mention amazing in bed. But wait – not everyone knew that. It was just obvious by the way he looked. I mean, come on, what man that looks like that could not be good in bed? I mean honestly.

He’s a man that can make you faint with just a single look, a man who can make a woman’s...
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A/N: heres chapter 3 loves! enjoy!


And now, I have a boxer-clad Elliot Stabler standing in the doorway of my apartment.


Oh, and three guesses who’s at the door.

“Um, is there something I should be aware of detectives?”

Elliot is just standing there like a brain-dead idiot, his mouth slightly agape. I am staring in shock with my jaw on the floor, and Kathleen is like, “Shit.” Actually, she mumbled “shit” when El opened the door, seeing as she knew who the person was.

“Ah, Captain,” I manage to force out of my throat. “Good morning?”...
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Maybe Tonight...Maybe I'll fall...Maybe he'll crash through my walls...maybe at last love will come back and take me deep into his arms...Maybe the heart, that falls apart finally wins...Maybe tonight I'll finally fall in love again...

Olivia sat slumped at her desk. The squad room was empty, that was why she was here. Tears rolled from her cheeks, falling softly onto the letter she was clutching. It was cruel. Her boyfriend had broken up with her...Through a letter. He didn't even have the guts to say it to her face.

It was then she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder.
"You alright, Liv?"...
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OKAY so right now I'm watching a SVU marathon on USA (yay!!! LOL), and it's showing the first 4 episodes from season 1...So i just got the idea to write this, seeing as I haven't posted ANYTHING in, like, FOREVER lol - so here it goes, my first-ever opinion....


Season 1:

Season One was the cornacopia of EOness - honestly. In EVERY episode there was something. I can't even PICK a favorite because theu are all so good. Anyone remember the whole, "Monkette" thing in "A single life"? Or how about the look he gave her when he was opening the car door? It was like, at that...
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ask her :) _____________  (oh and i KNOW this pic is of chris and marish but omg it SOOO worked!)
ask her :) _____________ (oh and i KNOW this pic is of chris and marish but omg it SOOO worked!)
A/N: My second chapter is up! I swear, whatever they put in Dr. Pepper must REALLY hype you up at night, I am SO NOT lying! I am about to bust right now I have so much energy! I got something to eat, and then saw a movie, and it was EFFING AWESOME!!! It was that movie that is now in the $1 theaters (at least that's where I saw it), and...well shyte, i forgot what its called! WOW! talk about brain issues! LMAO

Anyway, now that you guys have had to listen to my crazy bantering (I don't think that's the right word lol but whatever), here's the story!

(ALSO: anything in italics is a thought)

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posted by Mariskarox
He’s Back

“Where are you always at huh?!?!” screamed Kathy as she and Elliot were coming back from a parent teacher conference. “Kathy how many times do I have to tell you I was working!!” shot back a fuming Elliot. “Oh please same story, I know that you go out with your buddies for drinks when you should be at home! Or better yet my main theory is that you’re always with her!” “With who?!?!” “Olivia, Who else?!?!” “You know what Kath your right! I am always with Liv, maybe because she’s my partner!!!” Elliot fired. “That doesn’t make her your responsibility!!”...
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posted by livi_wells
He wasn't in love with her. Not at all. Not one bit. Nope.

So when she was held a gunpoint, by a deranged serial killer, he had her back as a partner. His heart raced like an 808, pounding inside his chest. His palms were sweaty as the gripped his gun, trembling at arms length, ready to fire anytime. The fear in her eyes as the killer buried the gun deeper and deeper into her neck, threatening to pull the trigger at any second worried him. Because she was his friend, his partner. Nothing more.

He wasn't in love with her. Not at all. Not one bit. Nope.

So when she was safe back in the squadroom...
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posted by svu_lover1
Lying on a blanket in the park, Olivia watched life go by – families playing, birds flying, and lovers laughing. She heard a voice behind her and smiled, having recognized it immediately. He dropped down onto the blanket beside her, and she rolled over to face him.

(Olivia P.O.V.)

El’s smile was so breathtaking, I nearly forgot how to breathe. Scooting closer, I laid my head down on his chest and snuggled up next to him.

Yeah, I know, a little bit of PDA, but who cares?

Our moment was interrupted by two children around the age of 5 jumping on top of us. We both laughed, and El began tickling...
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A/N: After reading my last chapter I was like, totally spazzing out b/c it was the first time I had read it(: anyway when I finished reading (and spazzing out lol) I realized that I actually liked it and even went as far as to go and look for the next chapter. When one wasn’t there I remembered that this was MY story, and I was all like UGHHH! Because I wanted to read moreeee xD

True story.

Anyway so this chapter I think is going to be difficult to write, since I sorta left it on a miny-cliffy for everyone :P

Heres the story!

DISCLAIMER: meh I almost forgot to do this accused thing. Darn you...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Olivia was a down to earth person. She could handle anything. Or so she thought. She was glad no one noticed how every time she saw a body she cringed. You couldn't be a wimp and a cop at the same time. She was seeing someone about her issues now. Sealview had left her with scars nobody saw. She wanted to keep it that way. The quack she talked to was nice, although he had asked the "How does that make you feel question." She really wanted to tell Elliot about it. Truly, but she couldn't. How could she burden him with her own problems when he had Kathy and Eli to take care of. The psych said she needed to tell the people who she cared about. That meant the whole squad but like hell was she gonna tell all of them. Might as well just keep it a secret.......
posted by livi_wells
Thursday July 22nd

She burst into her apartment. Throwing her bags to the floor she went to the cabinet and selected the bottle with the highest alcohol volume. Not bothering with a glass she stormed into her bedroom, tears streaming down her face. She stripped off and climbed into her sheets, pulling them around her until she felt safe. Taking a swig from the bottle she closed her eyes, her mouth and throat burned but she took another. She had to forget. It worked for her mother; it should work for her. Still more tears streamed down her cheeks. Her tears turned to cries and then to sobs. She...
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posted by svu_lover1
A/N: I was going through my old notebooks from last year, and I found a one-shot that I had written after seeing the preview for “Solitary”, where all we saw was Elliot getting pushed off of a building :P

I figured I might as well type it up (:

Here we go, loves!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, ‘cause if I did, there’d be a little Bensler Baby running around Manhattan ;)


She was on a street. It was dark, so it must be night. She looks around, observing that she was probably in the Bronx, from the look of things. It had to be late, or very early,...
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mhm... ;)
mhm... ;)
A/N: Hello my dears, I absolutely LOATHE the fact that I havent posted in like FOREVERRR, but ive been doing a bunch of shyte for school (gr you teacher...grr...) ANDD the EOCs are in like…hell, what, a MONTH?!! oi...well yeah you get the point…PLUS softball just started again and im working out...SOOO…NO MORE CHUBBY ME! WOOT WOOT! Lmao :P

Anyways, I hope you like this chappyyyy, and I am SO, once again, SO sorry that this took so long…and I hope that this can, at least, help ease the pain a bit :)

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. ):


Stabler (and,...
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