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Pete Wentz is a compulsive attention seeker in a way that makes him a perfect rock star and completely annoying. That's why, as he was gaining a wife and son, he almost lost his band.
By Josh Eells

It’s not every day you get to watch a rock star pee.

Fall Out Boy are in Philadelphia, the second stop on a back-to-basics club tour to promote their new album. They drove down from Boston this morning in a rented Dodge minivan and are currently lounging in the makeshift dressing room of a North Philly dive bar, across the street from Floyd & Diann’s Tire Service. A camera crew from Fuse is...
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FOLIE AH DUDE by Joseph Trohman
For me, and maybe for the rest of us, this was a return to what FALL OUT BOY meant to me in the first place. It meant, way back when, 4 piece of sh*t guys getting together to create music that was exciting to them. And in that, this was the epitomy of playing music. I feel like if that was ever lost, between the incarnation of this band and what we became, this was us finding "that" again. It made me remember that I actually want to do this for a long, long time, and that it was possible to return to the beginning. It may not sound that way, but it sure feel that way."
"I was at the Grammies sitting behind Chuck and across Elvis Costello when I began writing Infinity On High. As I sat there in my Sunday best (I splurged on an Italian maroon ascot) watching Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys duet a capella, I decided in a room full of innovators that on our two previous albums, I had contribited nothing to pop music.
My saying so is in no way meant as a slight to our indie debut Take This To Your Grave, a strong if derivative pop-punk album from a young band yet uninterested in finding itself. I have slightly less positive things to say of its succesor, the exponentially...
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Fans rush to create lip sync videos with the hopes that Fall Out Boy is watching.

Fall Out Boy is monitoring Buzznet.com's "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" lip sync video contest. The members of the band are watching entries ranked most popular among Buzznet users.

Buzznet.com, the media-oriented community webiste, has a large Fall Out Boy fanbase that congregates to share all things Fall Out Boy, and now, videos of fans lip syncing to Fall Out Boy songs.

Fans posting their lip sync videos for this contest are also kindly directed to title their post with their favorite Fall Out Boy memory. This provides a sentimental element to the contest and a touching message to the members of Fall Out Boy.

The entries can be viewed at link.

Fans seem to be excited that the band they love and watch perform may now be watching them too.
Fall Out Boy, bring their signature sound to Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero this week with a new three-song track pack. The Fall Out Boy Track Pack features the following three singles:

"Thx Fr Th Mmrs"

"This Ain't A Scene"

"The Take Over, The Breaks Over"

The Fall Out Boy Track Pack is available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 440 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation Store for $5.49 and the Wii Shop Channel for 550 Wii Points. The three songs are also available as single downloads for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each.
"When we recorded From Under The Cork Tree it was out first time staying in California for an extended amount of time.We lived at the Oakwoods (Corporate housing)and ate at the "101" acot. I don't think anyone had an idea that this record was going to be as well received in the mainstream as it was. We were standing on a huge ledge and had no idea. We recorded on the cheap in Burbank. We didn't have a clue where we were headed. I remember that the chorus of "Sugar" was originally a throw away part that we salvage. I also remember people hearing it in the studio for the first time & saying...
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posted by marwi
So I've been googleling (it's that how you write that verb?)the lyrics of this song and there's a lots of versions,so I'll try to just make one,if you think that my ears have too much wax, comment and I'll edit it...

I got the midnight tennis elbow
Got the solitaire burn
Took a turn
An ace up my sleeve (so to speak)

I wanna choke (you)
Get sick off of you
Like second hand smoke
Ya got me sweeting like Calcuta nights
Just return epiphany

I am a wing (wing)
I'm a prayer (prayer)
A thimble in the making
A promise from a poor apocathary
To an understudy in love fornlon

I'll give a heatstroke
I'm gettin' you and I'm losin' me

We'd get legendary
Tonight little darlin'
Uh huh,little darlin'
But I've got a nomadic head
I love you but I caught the doom and dread
posted by iloveWENTZ
Official Folie A Deux Album Press Release


Fall Out Boy's "Beat It" nominated for Best Rock Video at 25th annual MTV VMAs

(August 26, 2008 – New York, NY) Multi-platinum three-time MTV VMA-winning Island Records group Fall Out Boy have officially announced their upcoming new third Island album FOLIE A DEUX, to be released on November 4th 2008. The band told a packed audience about the...
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posted by jabugia
okay..i m an italian guy who's trying to understand something about my favourite singer:patrick stump...(sorry fo my english xD)
Yesterday i saw on youtube that fallotboy will surely come back again.. this video is called: falloutboy together....i don t understand anything so i answer you guys to explain me what he say in this video (the creator is called ghero 46) pls explain me the videoo and answer:::: will falloutboy come back together????????surely?'??byebye thanks a lot!:D
posted by fayerox16
i cannot believe they broke up!!!! i cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do you know how many times i've listened to all of their albums,day after day? hoping that somehow they would become a band again.but they havent!!i blame pete wentz's wife!she has been takig away everything!and im not going to chaange my mind unitl pete wentz gets a divorce,decides to marry me,and fob becomes a band again.thats my final decision.yes, this is going to be amazing...im going to bed now,and im going to dream this coming true.
i love you F.O.B!!!!!!!!! mainly pete wentz...but w.e.good day mates.
"The making of Take This To Your Grave was like going to war (completely lost sight of this comparison. I meant to say that it's like a band of brothers, you're in the trenches together, good and bad). It was really scary in a way because it was our first real full lenght album with a real label. But it was one of the most exciting feelings as well. Going in with my best friends to this legendary studio, with songs we had worked for months on. The pre-production was one of the funniest parts, actually. Cooped out at this weird office/warehouse that we could use for free after hours (I have...
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I know that the FOB news has been a little slow lately (except for the release in November of the Greatest Hits ^_^ and the fact that Mark Hoppus cut Pete's hair on stage!!!)but that's no excuse for completely disappearing of the FOB spot. For gosh sake,we have 3739 fans and I think there's only 6 or 7 fully participating! I'm not saying that those 3700 people should inmediately show up in front desk,but I'd like that more people make contributions around here,even thought is just by answering the polls,and that's where I'm going now...

Brittlegirl94 made a forum of everything and anything related...
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