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harold posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 06:26AM
This forum thread is for general things that you really don't like about your family.

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over a year ago mrsblack_1089 said…
Mom: gets mad about little things
Dad: gets over protective at times and if he has a bad day at work, then he'll bring tht attitude home and take it out on us.

Sister: is WAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too sensitive.
Brother: stubborn/selfish at times

I also have one cousin and an aunt that had babies recently (well not really, my cousin's baby is about 5 months old and my aunt's twins are 2 years old) and they won't let ANYBODY hold them. seriously we drove like an hour and a half 2 c my aunt's babies and she didn't let us touch them.
over a year ago bangelfan said…
All the parents are too controlling and they tend to make things worse when you have a problem. All the kids are self-righteous and they're always trying to compete with each other instead of helping each other out.
over a year ago 6643 said…
There are twelve kids in my family and one on the way!Im tired about explaining!MY fifteen year old sister ashly is prednet!Casssandra my mom ans ashly my sister are always cranky!My older twin sister riley trysd to boss me around along wioth all my other oldere siblings!@My younger siblings are always annoying!My family always trys to compete!Not just immediate family family is HUGE so every family of like 4-25 kids ios always competeing!lol..its annoying
my dads way too overprotevtive
hes the assistant pastor at a church
my moms too contriolling
mu other brothers are VERY overpretective!
Exspecily the oldest ben...he thinks its his job to protect everyone!
im homescholled so i really dobnt have any freinds except my family'i could go in and on but ill
over a year ago heavenly13 said…
uh..i never really get one on one time with my parebnts. its tough sometimes. i have to share a room with three sisters and i never get any freetime. My sister thats a year younger then me likes my crush and is always flirting with him! it sucks! like 6643 my elder borthers can be really annoying and overprotective and my family is alos competitive. name. my mom and dad anmed me
heaven leigh. it sucks! haha.
over a year ago NimfaDora said…
^I like your name ;p
over a year ago ThikamserIsHere said…
My biological father. He is really abusive.