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Young4ever19 posted on Mar 05, 2012 at 06:17AM
Ok on March 4th of 2012 at like 5 or 7 p.m my family and I had this huge arguments and it was a disaster. My mom was screaming at the top of her lungs saying how she hates her family and saying "I was mistaken to have this family." I was so upset and angry at my family. They don't respect each other or love each other and it's getting on my nerves lately. At 9 or 10 p.m, my family started throwing things and yelling at each other. Once my brother grabbed a knife and almost killed our father cause my brother want our father to get out and my other brother was hitting him on our father's head like 10 or 20 times.I was disappointed at my family.They were out of control and I couldn't stop them.i used all my strength to fight them back but they weren't listening to me they just continue to argue.I'm so sick of them hearing them fight like this.If they fight more bad things will happen they'll you know kill each other to death and I'll be home empty no one to care for me or feed or comfort me.I was a shame and embarrass of myself and my family.I USED to love them but I don't want to do now since they all hate each other now and maybe for the rest of the year.What should I do?Should I cut myself?Sacrifice myself like get ran over a car?Run away from them?Or stay home just constenly hearing my family argue again?PICK ONE!
Ok on March 4th of 2012 at like 5 or 7 p.m my family and I had this huge arguments and it was a disas

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over a year ago DramaNut said…
DONT cut yourself. DONT get run over by a car. I know it seems hard now, but it gets easier. I barely know you but, for me, everyone is like my best friend and I love them and I dont want to lose you. Stay home, listen to music. Just know that if I do find out somewhere that you did something awful to yourself, I will cry and be so sad. You dont need to do something drastic for this to brighten up.
over a year ago leonchii said…
my parents are divorced, so I'm not an expert in this situation. I think you should just get out of your house for a while. a couple of days stay at friends or relatives. when your family looks around and realizes that you are not there and that it's their fault, they will stop fighting, and you could come back. everything won't be ok in that moment, but after a week...
over a year ago LinaRush said…
I think you and your siblings should talk to your mom and dad separately about how their fighting is affecting you. If they don't listen then get one of your aunts or uncles to talk to them about it. If you're a christian, pray about it. Please don't hurt yourself or run away - that might only make matters worse.
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over a year ago Tails920 said…
Ok....Brielle ur my friend at school.And U txted me about this.But like I said...PLZ don't kill/cut ur-self! That would ONLY makethings even WORST then what they are! and U CAN'T stay at home 4EVER! And miss alot of days in school!:'( Why can't U just PRAY so then ur parents don't need 2 fight ever again?
Cuz if U KILL ur-self then the only thing U'll see me do is CRY!:'( so just listen 2 music or try 2 not listen 2 ur parents fighting or U could pray...cuz God LISTENS 2 U.
And the red sad face is how I'm going 2 feel if U kill/cut ur-self
Ok....Brielle ur my friend at school.And U txted me about this.But like I said...PLZ don't kill/cut u
over a year ago Gummilious said…
NO! DON'T KILL UR-SELF!:'( plz! Ur my friend at school! and so is my cousin(Tails920 aka Lily) don't! that will only make things WORST then what they are!
If I would U I'll try 2 ignore my(ur's)parents fighting! and plus U CAN'T stay at home 4ever and miss alot of days in school!:'(
If U kill ur-self I'M GOING 2 CRY 4EVER!:'(
over a year ago Saku15 said…
I totally understand with you and your family's situation! My family and I have a bad relationship too!
I found a song and now I understand what it means!
I cry everytime when I hear this song!
I think our family will never be normal again but I hope you'll have a nicer future!
over a year ago Lien-Da said…
it sounds like how me and my sister fight but wose
over a year ago Young4ever19 said…
ok so i add up all the answers and it seems tht i should stay home but listen some music ok thts kool. Thx guys i realy love u guys so much and thx 4 helping me out
over a year ago Gummilious said…
big smile
over a year ago Saku15 said…
You're welcome!