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Here is my other proposal for
What do you think about it?

You can go to a users profile and check their activity there. But i don't believe it's just me who think it's overbearing to go to activity and then rate or whatever you'll do.
I think it would be a "search-fan-pane" at every spot where you can search for a fan and see everything that the fan has post at the spot your on.
Like this:
1. Go to a spot
2. Search for the user you want to
3. Then you can pick between icons, photos, fanart, videos, articles ect. (It's like when you "Searh Fanpop")
4. when you press at the category you wanna...
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posted by Cinders
Just a few of the hundreds
Just a few of the hundreds
After creating my link spot and noting the severe lack of members, curiosity got me to searching for spots on Fanpop that only had a single member (generally, their creator).

I came across spots that were months old and still only had a single member such as Chel's link spot, harold's link spot, or berly's link spot. And I thought to myself, these spots were created to meet other fans and yet there appeared to be no other fans of these topics on all of fanpop? Ridiculous! Or... maybe it's true.

Some of the one-fan spots seemed very obscure (to me, at least), so it's quite possible that there...
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Um, ok so maybe these features aren't THAT secret...
Um, ok so maybe these features aren't THAT secret...
There are a lot of features on Fanpop. Some are well known and others are less well known (there are also a ton of others we *want* to do, but that's for another conversation). Today I thought I would highlight a few of the less-well-known features for you.

Why? Because, dammit, we spent time on these features! Sure picks and images might be sexier, but these are the runts of the proverbial Fanpop-litter and they need some time in the spotlight too.

(side note: if you already know about these, then consider yourself a very knowledgeable Fanpopper. But if you don't...well, here's hoping you...
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posted by harold
This section of my Fanpop User's Guide covers links, the lifeblood of Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

So, you've registered on the site and now you want to add some content to your favorite spots. The vast majority of the stuff on fanpop is in the form of links which point to content in other places, whether they are articles, galleries, videos, games, or any other sort of content you can find online.

Check before you add!
Any time that you are about to add content to Fanpop, you should check first to make sure that the content isn't already linked from the site (at least...
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