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Time Game!!  monLOVEbrucas 90 5435 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Fans Thread  waldorf 71260 1109509 over a year ago
Laptop game. Send me your pictures!!  cintia_cs 14 2032 over a year ago
Birthdays  gossip-girl999 39 2827 over a year ago
The Handwriting Game!! FINALLY THE RESULTS!!  cintia_cs 21 3236 over a year ago
Rapid Fire  alessandra_28 184 6976 over a year ago
EXTENDEDDD!: JAN 15th - OPERATION: Make Opinion Arcticles for Jovi/Allegra/Margot/Bia  leggraaa 30 3452 over a year ago
Best word to describe the GGFT girls contest!! [Round 4]  alessandra_28 41 4096 over a year ago
TPBM (The Person Below Me) Game!  iLoveChair 190 4408 over a year ago
Not n00b, NEW; I'm NEW  janeywaney 8 989 over a year ago
Christmas 09 ♥  monLOVEbrucas 53 4955 over a year ago
The Gossip Girl Fan Awards; RESULTS.  LoveLiesAndLust 14 1410 over a year ago
Bedroom Game - Has Ended [Congrats to Cintia for winning]  monLOVEbrucas 44 3651 over a year ago
Countdown to 300 fans!  LittleA 101 3399 over a year ago
HUGS TO EVERYONE  waldorf 39 13715 over a year ago
FOGG Libs! (Current Week: Week Two)  LoveLiesAndLust 6 1991 over a year ago
How did you get your username???  underthestarsx 28 14197 over a year ago
Introduce Yourself  LittleDancer123 57 5014 over a year ago
CLOSED - Gossip Girl Fan Awards 2.0 (Deadline Oct. 25th)  leggraaa 14 2228 over a year ago
Introduce Yourself : Question Time  LittleDancer123 14 1324 over a year ago
25 Things  gossip-girl999 6 849 over a year ago
The Gossip Girl Fan Awards (CLOSED.)  LoveLiesAndLust 18 1288 over a year ago
Icon and banner?  waldorf 7 937 over a year ago