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Are y'all ready to see this movie? Also, aren't they sooooo cute as hatchlings???
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Okay, so this is a video involving the Fine Bros and at one point, they give a shout out to the fanguins (whom they've just found out about). Enjoy
shout out
fine time
pom and autism
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....I had to cut if from 12 shows to 5, because if wrote the whole story with 12 shows, I swear to God my brain would've exploded out of my skull! D: XD So now it's only PoM, MLP: FiM, TAWOG, Adventure Time, and Regular Show, plus our OCs. :3 Aaaannddd since I had to type more to make it an article..... RANDOM WORDS!!!! WAAAAAATTTTEEEEEERRRMMMEEEEEELLLLOOOOONNNNN, BBEEEEEEEEAAAANNNBBBAAAGGGGGG, SSSOOOOOOOUUUUUPPPPPPP, AAAPPPPPLLLLEEEEESAAAAAUUUCCEEEEE, HHAAAAAAAIIIIIRRRSSSSPPPRRRAAAAAYYYYY & CUUUUUUURRRRRTTTTTAAAIIIIIINNNNNSSSSSS!!!!!! XDDDDDD
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:D for everyone who got to see it and who missed it like me
full episode
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camera: (hushed whisper) hi, so im your camera man, and its almost one in the morning. im in the penguins' hq, where it is quite expanded for all the new recruits. lets go check out some rooms!
*camer slowly opens a door with two sets of bunk beds inside. on one sideof the room, tressa was in the top bunk, emma in the bottom, the other side of the room, CC was on the top, amber below her.*
camera: *takes out a bull horn* *big breaths* (screaming at the top of his lungs) IM BACK, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*all four girl jumped, startled, and started to scream. skipper and the other three came...
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Random Moments
1. Don’t Go *Future*
“Don’t go.”
Chip turned and saw his best friend Davy staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. Chip winced under the stare.
Davy continued to stare at him. “I know you want to go, I know, and…I understand…”
Chip gave Davy a funny look.
Davy tried to think of something quick to not seem like a baby. “And I uh, um…Well, you’ll come back, I guess…So…” Davy put out his paw to shake Chip’s wing. “Bye…”
Chip stared at Davy’s outstretched paw. “Dude, you think I’m going to migrate?”
“Um, well uh…”
“And a handshake...
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