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posted by Emmylove786
Fillies are in Fillydelfa runing around eating food and Drinking, This IS CHAOS!! Everyfilly Got Discorded, And Those Fillies are mean and makes Mares, Colts, and Stallions sad all this Chaos is Making all the Fillies be Brutes, Scootaloo is a Yattle Teller, Sweetie Belle is a Burper Without Saying Excuse me, And Apple Bloom is a Spanper, Discord Laughs at All the fillies and the Fillies Die, Poor Fillies, Twilight Fixes the Spell and all the fillies are Alive Thanks to Twilight Sparkle!!
But Then Discord Makes All the Fillies die, The Unicorns Make there Magic, The Pegasi Fly With Bombs
And The Earth Ponies Get There Ropes, They put the Fillies in the Wagon, And Then Discord Dies, And The Day Is Saved!!!
posted by pugglelover2000
"Come on Spike,we need to be at Applejack's Harvest Celebration on time!"Twilight Sparkle yelled.Twilight sorted through her satchel one last time,making sure everything was in place.Nope,she was missing her gift to the Apples."Spike,where's my gift I was giving to Applejack and her family?"

"I don't know,but did you check on the Study Table?"Spike yelled down.

"I knew I had a feeling that it was there!"She mumbled to herself.She put her satchel down and went in the next room to the Study Table.It was there,laying on top of a few books.She put it in her satchel and left the room.

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