Five Nights at Freddy's Bring Golden Freddy to Life RP (READ RULES)

DusanIvanovic posted on Jun 27, 2015 at 04:34PM
Rules are something very important!!!:
Do not roleplay as Golden Freddy or Springtrap,OK?Cause,Golden Freddy needs to be alive plus,Springtrap is Purple Guy,plus there is no humans/children/night guards,OK?
You can roleplay as animatronic that doesn't even have gender (like Marionette and Mangle,no more just two animatronics).
If you wanna RP as Golden Freddy then,you need to give Darkinvader 30 props (even if it is more i can RP as anyone except Springtrap and humans).
Lol,sorry but,you need to give 30 props to my follower Darkinvader to have permission as RPing as Golden Freddy.You can give any kind of 30 props to Darkinvader but,if you don't and RP as Golden Freddy without giving him prop then,sorry you should stop RPing plus,you are kicked (even if you are RPing as someone who you want except for Springtrap and blah blah).
If you want to roleplay as humans Night guards and children then,give Darkinvader 50 props!Sorry,mate but,it's too late to give prop to awesome man.Lol,poem.
If you don't listen to rules then,you should stop RPing and kick yourself out lol.

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over a year ago DusanIvanovic said…
Also,to RP as Golden Freddy (you need to give 30 props to Darkinvader first) you can say nothing first but,when any animatronic brings Golden Freddy to life but,you RP as him then,say ("transform alive") and,say everything you want.
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DusanIvanovic commented…
Also,Darkinvader feel free to RP as BB or JJ or both of them or any of Toy Animatronics. over a year ago