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JourneyQuest Season Two (Fran Kranz joins) reaches $60K goal


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monpetit said:
After just 11 days JourneyQuest season two reached its initial goal. This was due, in large part, to the project’s core fan base, and early KickStarter contributors. In that time it was featured in numerous places on the KickStarter site: number one on New and Noteworthy in Seattle, number three on Popular This Week, and as a Popular Film/Video. The latter two sections acknowledge high-profile campaigns regardless of region. Upon achieving the initial funding goal of $60,000, the seven episode second season is now ready to go into production. However, with 39 days left on the campaign, the production team is hopeful to reach other goals as funding continues to increase. If the KickStarter can reach $100,000 in contributions, season two will become a 10 episode season. Anything over $100,000 will be set aside for starting season three. If funds reach $200,000, which is not unprecedented on KickStarter, the cast and crew will be able to shoot seasons two and three concurrently.
posted over a year ago.