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posted by ktgirl266
All of Monica's nicknames during all 10 seasons!!
Hope you like it :)

Wuss- Given by Rachel
Monana- Given by Herself

Noisy Girl #1- Given by Heckles
Little Harmonica- Given by Jack Geller
Smitten Kitten- Given by Phoebe
Twinkie- Given by Her Parents
Oat- Given by Herself
Cheater, Cheater, Compulsive Eater- Given by Ross
Tiny Little Woman- Given by Herself

Big Fat Goalie- Given by Her Old Hockey Team

Lucky Dog- Given by Chandler
Mugsy- Given by Chandler
Mom- Given by Chandler
Martina- Given by Chandler

Roomie- Given by Chandler
Sweetums- Given by Chandler
Tattle-Tail- Given by Ross
Wily Minx- Given by Phoebe
Big Faker- Given by Chandler
Marcia- Given by Phoebe
Man Trap- Given by Chandler

Ms. Hot Shot Chef- Given by Janice
Candy Lady- Given by Her Neighbors
O'Mally- Given by Chandler
posted by ktgirl266

Monica's Geeky Older Brother- Given by Himself
Mr. The-Glass-Is-Half-Empty- Given by Chandler
Camper- Given by Chandler
Little Naked Guy- Given by Rachel
Bobo, the Sperm Guy- Given by Susan
Buddy- Given by Monica
Slugger- Given by Mrs. Bing
Mother Kisser- Given by Chandler
Anti-Paolo- Given by Joey
Rossie- Given by Himself
Mom- Given by Susan
Monkey Boy- Given by Rachel
Loser- Given by Rachel
Rossy- Given by Rachel

Mr. Back From the Orient- Given by Rachel
Sweetums- Given by Chandler
Scary Scientist Man- Given by Phoebe
Amish Boy- Given by Chandler
Gel Boy- Given by Rachel
Bitterest Man In the Living...
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1- she told tag that phoebe is gay

2- she told everyone that tag was gay

3-when chandler said "either the dog go or i go" she chose the dog to stay (i know everyone said that but still)

4- she wanted to stay in Monica's "hotel" room, even though she was the one who burned the house (it's not enough that she took Rachel in)

5-she never is happy when Ross is happy

6-Ross was happy with her sister but she told him to
leave her and he did, but when he told her to leave Elizabeth's dad but she didn't

7-she only hired tag because he looks great

8-she always takes Monica's stuff and never bring it back

9-she exchanges the gifts they bought her

10-she said "yes" when joey "proposed"
posted by ktgirl266
Joey's nicknames throughout all 10 season:)

Big Guy- Given by Ross
Butt Guy- Given by His Director
Mario- Given by Monica
Kicky- Given by Chandler
Cookie- Given by Mrs. Tribbiani
Flame Boy- Given by Phoebe
Holden McGroin- Given by Himself

Paisan- Given by Chandler
Best Bud- Given by Chandler
Joseph the Processing Guy- Given by Himself
Dillhole- Given by Chandler
Kevin- Given by Rachel
Mr. I'll Let You Have Her- Given by Chandler
Lenny- Given by Chandler

Chick- Given by Treager
Mr. Gonzalez- Given by Himself

Doctor- Given by his Stage Director
Ms. Minnelli- Given by Chandler
Big Guy- Given by Chandler
Sick Sick Sick Sicko- Given by Rachel
Mrs. Tribbiani- Given by Chandler
Anti-man- Given by Ross

Greedy Sleeper- Given by Phoebe
Josephine- Given by Chandler
Buddy Boy- Given by Chandler

Matey- Given by Rachel
Pinhead- Given by Rachel
Big Daddy- Given by Himself
V.D. Boy- Given by Ross
Monica Geller isn't the one who is in the hearts of many, here are some reasons for it:

1-she's a control freak

2-she wanted to waste Chandler's life savings on her wedding dream

3-it's either her way or no way

4-she dated Rachel's ex (which Rachel wasn't fine with it)

5-she was ready to sell Chandler down the river because she didn't want to "lose" to Rachel and Phoebe

6-when Chandler wanted to let the dog go, she sneaked it back in, when Chandler wanted to keep the duck and the chicken she said she had "allergies"
posted by ToEkNeE
(It's Saturday. Around eleven. Monica walks into her apartment. She closes the door very slowly and quietly. She expects Chandler to be sleeping cause it's his day off. She takes off her coat and walks into their bedroom. He is indeed asleep. Yet snoring very loudly. She walks over to his side and kisses him on the forehead saying: )

Monica: Morning sweetie.

(Chandler then comes to, smiles half awake, mumbles speaking gibberish, and goes back to sleep snoring. Monica just rolls eyes. She then goes to the window and opens up the drapes and the sun shines on Chandler's face waking him up.)

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posted by nandacavalieri
We have many screencaps here, so here it’s a list to guide us and to not upload repeated caps. By the way, if someone adds please add great keygens (like the season, episode, seasonXepisode, season.episode), it’s easier to find. I listed all episodes, the ones with a link (they’re blue) are the episodes already uploaded here (duuh – obvious). The episodes with ** are the ones incomplete (or with almost no caps). And I’m not counting Mtoll’s caps, ‘cause they are like icons.
If any episode is missing let me know, because there are 579 pages and I didn’t go thru all of them.
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The One Where Ross Proposes

(Its the afternoon. We come into the Central Perk and Ross is sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. Rachel walks in, gets her coffee and sits down next to Ross.)

Rachel: Honey?
Ross: (looks at her)Hm?
(kisses him romantically audience oohs.)
Rachel: (both smile) I still got it.

(Ross goes back to reading newspaper while Rachel drinks her coffee and Monica walks in.)

Monica: Hey. (sits down on chair across from Rachel)
Rachel: Where's Chandler and the kids?
Monica: Oh, they're bonding. Chandler decided he wanted alone time with them to practice taking...
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posted by 4everMondler
Thought of an idea for next chapter and promised you guys the Halloween party one so here you all go...

[Opening credits. Monica is now wearing the black slip on. She is preparing the snacks at the counter]

"Hey honey and little baby" Chandler says and smooches her, "Hi just making the snacks for the party" she answers. He starts to put his hands on her hips and kiss her neck, "I love you so much" he says. "I love you so much too" she says and they start to kiss only to be watched by Daniel who is wearing a 'Frankenstein' costume exclaims "Daddy and mommy!". Chandler and Monica break away from...
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I didn't write this fanfic, I found it on

Wrote by matthewperry4ever.

It takes place when Pheobe is giving birth to her triplets. It's right when Joey starts to film and says "and so the miracle of life begins" Instead of him gettting kidney stones something else happens. No one knows about Monica and Chandler yet...

And if I use some of the lines from the show or from movies, just try to ignore that. They just so happen to fit perfectly with the current situations, is all. I could think of new ones but those happened to work.

Legal crap: i don't own anything.

Part One:

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(We enter rachel`s hotel room. She looks over to the other side of the bed to find an empty pillow. This is the first night she is not sleeping with Ross since she got of the plane. It was weird. She lies in bed a little bit longer.)

Opening credits

Rachel: Wow today is my wedding day, I can`t belive it.
(Emma wakes up and starts to scream)
Emma: Mommy, mommy, potty!!.
Rachel: Hi honey, you have to go potty? Okay come here.
(Rachel lifted Emma out of the bed. Emma ran to the toilet.)
Emma: All done.
Rachel: Now go play with your toy`s Emma.
Emma: Yay, toys.
(Rachel went to the other room where...
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Season Finale:
TOW Ross and Rachel get married.

Part 2 of 2

Chandler's voice: Previously on FRIENDS:

Joey: Well today's your big day Rach. What time is the wedding gonna start?
(Phoebe Rachel Monica and Chandler look at Joey.)
Joey: I'm just kidding!
(They all look away.)
Joey: (whispers to Chandler) Seriously, what time will it be?
Rachel: Um, actually can you guys take care of Emma for a while? Just watch her and take her to the bathroom if she needs to go. Stuff like that.
Chandler and Joey: Yeah. Sure.
Rachel: Yes, that'd be great. She's taking a nap right now with the twins and all her stuff is...
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posted by justchilin595
WARNING!!! all about Mondler, a little bit of everything, some gross stuff, romance, no what I mean :) Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

Monica and Chandler are still living in Westchester, and happily married. Their kids Erica and Jack are now five, and after years and years of trying for a baby they finally got pregnant with Sophie which is now three. It was 1:02 in the Bing household, when it started to storm.
Monica and Chandler layed in there bed, Monica had her hand over Chandler's chest and her head on his shoudler.

"Chandler?" She whispered

"Yeah, baby?" Chandler mummbled...
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posted by justchilin595
Author's note: Hello people! I just had this idea one night when I couldn't sleep so decided to write it. There is not many stories that focuses around Jack and Erica Bing...until now. Mmwhahaha. Okay i'm done, enjoy the story and tell me what you think! :) Oh and this story is told from Erica's side, just in case you couldn't tell by the the very first sentence :)

It is mine and Jack's 11th birthday today and we want to have a sleep over with all our cousins and close friends.

Later that night, after the party has died down and everyone has gone home except for all the kids that was going to...
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posted by justchilin595
This all takes place in 1999

MC=Michael Curtis
ATH=Across the Hall

***Behind The Scenes***

ATH: What is the best practical joke ever played during a filming or rehearsal?

MC: Well, my particular favorite was when Marta, David, and Kevin were going to miss the beginning of a show (because they'd been away on a business trip), and we were left "in charge" for the first couple hours. We planned to have a couple Warner Bros. fire trucks parked outside the stage, with their lights flashing... sort of like, "the kids have burned down the house while we were gone." But because the trucks were blocking...
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posted by modrockz
Conception"It's about sex, love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything's possible. And it's about friendship because when you're single and in the city, your friends are your family."
—The original treatment used by Crane, Kauffman and Bright to pitch the series to NBC.[33]
David Crane and Marta Kauffman began developing three new television pilots which would premiere in the fall of 1994 after their sitcom Family Album was cancelled by CBS in 1993.[34] Kauffman and Crane decided to pitch the series about "six people in their 20s making their way in Manhattan" to NBC,...
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(They walk down stairs. Emma and Ben starts to walk down the aisle. Joey is already in position. Jack and Judy walks up to they`re son and takes both his arm`s. They walk up to Joey and Judy kisses Ross` cheeks.
Jack: Son I hope this is the last one.
Ross: Dad I have a feeling that this is going to last forever.
(Everybody is in position and the wedding chorus starts to play.)
Ross: Wow this is it, any second now is my future wife coming out of that door.
(Rachel comes out of the door with her father`s arm in her`s. When they come to Ross, Rachel kisses her fathers cheeks and goes over to Ross.)...
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posted by matthew4lyf
We say goodbye to a legend, Matthew Perry, whose sudden departure has left our hearts heavy with sorrow. Reading his autobiography has been a journey of laughter, tears, and incredible memories, providing a sense of closure and a deeper appreciation of the man behind the iconic character, Chandler Bing, in the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S

In his book, Matthew generously shared the highs and lows of his life, allowing us to walk beside him through his triumphant moments and struggles. His role as Chandler brought joy to millions of hearts, filling our living rooms with laughter and warmth for a...
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posted by ktgirl266
Chandler's nicknames throught all 10 seasons :)
Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!

Smirky- Given by Rachel
Kiddo- Given by Mrs. Bing
Mr. Suity Man- Given by Phoebe
Mr. Boss Man- Given by Phoebe
Boss Man Bing- Given by Phoebe
Mr. Caring Boss - Given by Phoebe

Crazy Snake Man- Given by himself
Bob- Given by himself
Fat Boy- Given by Monica
Squirmy- Given by Susie
Tooshie- Given by Ross
Best Bud- Given by Joey
A Wank- Given by himself
Chandy- Given by himself

Bing-A-Ling- Given by Janice
Puppy- Given by Janice
Jack- Given by Eddie
Dork- Given by Margha

Duck- Given by Treager
Clint- Given by Rachel
Gene- Given by Joey
Barney- Given...
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Hey guys!

I know these Friends stars have become a special entity to ignore, as they have purely allured all of us, by way of their magical personas. If you’ve ever missed any of the past episodes of this popular show, Watch Friends episodes here.

Jennifer Aniston - Friends

The blog post makes it very obvious that the sexy star Jennifer Aniston, whom we don’t miss to catch via Friends episodes online, is having a merry time, after pulling together two movies- ‘Horrible Bosses’ and ‘Wanderlust’ to her kitty.

On the same side, the rumors of her being stripped for both the movies are touching...
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