Being Gay Is OK. Proud To Be Gay!

Authored by BJsRealm

Being gay is both completely natural & it is also legal in most countries all over the world. Not in the East though, especially not in India & the Muslim countries (or even Russia or China for that matter), still, even in those countries where being gay is still illegal, there is a secret (hidden) gay (& lesbian & trans!) community today.  Although the sexual minorities in all those countries have to live in constant fear under the repression of the state regimes, the LGBT community still exists even in the East, except it is deep underground because sexual minorities are still illegal in some parts of the world. For instance, in certain Muslim countries there are severe penalties for those who prefer their own gender. Some more fundamental Muslim countries even impose a death penalty upon those members of sexual minorities who dare to show their love towards the same gender in public. Although homosexuality is no longer illegal according to the UN human rights resolution, some countries still refuse to accept or to acknoledge even the very existance of the sexual minorities, not to mention the total lack of any human rights for members of the LGBT community in the countries like Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, or  China for instance. Even in Russia homosexuality is still a tabu. The laws which discriminate  the members of the LGBT community in those countries are contrary to the globally accepted UN resolutions, yet they are still plenty of national laws which actually promote homophobia. The LGBT community in those countries still has to achieve all those goals our Western LGBT community has already achieved decades ago. The solidarity between the LGBT community in the West & the sexual minorities in those Eastern countries all over the world still doesn't exist.

The Western LGBT community has already achieved most of its goals, such as the right to a gay (or lesbian) marriage, the right to adopt children by the same-sex families, or the right to be legally accepted as heirs of the departed life partner. Gay marriage is still an extremely controversial subject, all over the world!