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ON TV  LisaForde2 0 1031 over a year ago
Question on piece  LisaForde 2 1191 over a year ago
Rumors of an Enchanted 2  LisaForde 2 1648 over a year ago
Why so many haters  LisaForde 4 739 over a year ago
Question  LisaForde 2 1009 over a year ago
Another person Amy Adams reminds me of  LisaForde 2 2623 over a year ago
Question about Patrick Dempsey's hair in this movie  LisaForde 2 5766 over a year ago
interesting Question  LisaForde 2 275 over a year ago
So many goofs in it  LisaForde 1 673 over a year ago
The music in the ballroom scene????  LisaForde 5 634 over a year ago
Question???????  LisaForde 3 579 over a year ago
I thought Amy Adams was.............................  LisaForde 3 1621 over a year ago
amy gets engaged  LisaForde 1 414 over a year ago
Amy Adams to star in a muppets movie  LisaForde 0 208 over a year ago
*Team Giselle*  LisaForde 0 927 over a year ago
Here’s something interesting  LisaForde 0 461 over a year ago
A HUGE ERROR  LisaForde 0 321 over a year ago
Did anyone notice  LisaForde 0 628 over a year ago
Two Worlds  LisaForde 0 377 over a year ago
I wonder did  LisaForde 0 354 over a year ago
Did anyone in this spot thought  LisaForde 0 549 over a year ago
Does anyone notice this  LisaForde 0 585 over a year ago
What I really like about Enchanted is  LisaForde 0 103 over a year ago
The part I found a bit stupid was  LisaForde 0 320 over a year ago
Congratulations to Amy Adams  LisaForde 0 275 over a year ago
Did anyone find this one funny  LisaForde 0 488 over a year ago
Did anyone notice this?  LisaForde 0 705 over a year ago
Am I the only person in this spot who thinks that  LisaForde 0 568 over a year ago
Question on the ballroom?  LisaForde 0 395 over a year ago
Patrick Dempsey joins Transformers 3 in 2011.  LisaForde 0 1238 over a year ago
Don't telll me that  LisaForde 0 373 over a year ago
LOL with Robert dancing & singing  LisaForde 0 1354 over a year ago
4 things I found Odd in Enchanted  LisaForde 0 519 over a year ago
Best word to describe Enchanted  LisaForde 0 837 over a year ago
Patrick Dempsey(see link)  LisaForde 0 122 over a year ago
Isn't this spot getting popular  LisaForde 0 292 over a year ago
Do any of you like  LisaForde 0 332 over a year ago
Its a pity  LisaForde 0 389 over a year ago
Hilarious Moment with Dempsey  LisaForde 0 195 over a year ago
Question  LisaForde 0 327 over a year ago
Dempsey thinks his NOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!  LisaForde 0 725 over a year ago
Amy Adams on her younger fans thinking she's Giselle  LisaForde 0 1114 over a year ago
Countdown to 200 Fans  LisaForde 1 574 over a year ago
They really hate this movie  LisaForde 0 370 over a year ago
My idea for the sequel  LisaForde 2 390 over a year ago
Something I noticed  LisaForde 2 347 over a year ago
Dempsey's charcther in this  LisaForde 2 306 over a year ago
Dempsey as a kid  LisaForde 2 377 over a year ago
2 things I would hate to happen in the sequel  LisaForde 0 361 over a year ago
SEQUEL TO MY FAV FILM............OH BOY.  LisaForde 1 344 over a year ago
ATTENTION ENCHANTED FANS!!!!!!!!!!!  LisaForde 0 311 over a year ago
Plot Hole  LisaForde 0 629 over a year ago
Adams SHOULD have won an oscar ......  LisaForde 0 512 over a year ago
Young Picture of Adams  LisaForde 0 1212 over a year ago
Was Enchanted going to be rated R  LisaForde 0 245 over a year ago
Congrats Amy Adams  LisaForde 0 2661 over a year ago
Another person Pat remind me of is  LisaForde 0 153 over a year ago
How does this destroy......  LisaForde 0 512 over a year ago
The chipmunk and Edward were so  LisaForde 0 426 over a year ago
Amy Adams anger moment as Giselle was  LisaForde 0 1724 over a year ago
God thats gotta hurt  LisaForde 1 632 over a year ago
If I was Giselle in the ball  LisaForde 0 382 over a year ago
The chemistry between Adams and Dempsey was so  LisaForde 0 376 over a year ago
The part where Giselle and Edward are walking on the bridge  LisaForde 0 774 over a year ago
My comments on the cast  LisaForde 0 54 over a year ago
Rate and comment  LisaForde 0 540 over a year ago
This is the only disney film  LisaForde 0 501 over a year ago
One song that will definetly go with this movie  LisaForde 0 503 over a year ago
Here's what I think happened when Giselle made that wish  LisaForde 0 510 over a year ago
Something I can't get  LisaForde 0 424 over a year ago
Patrick reminds me of a cross between  LisaForde 0 488 over a year ago
Saw Amy on Catch me of you can  LisaForde 0 626 over a year ago
The scene that made me wanna jump into my tv set  LisaForde 0 224 over a year ago
Riddle  LisaForde 0 571 over a year ago
Is this Jodi Benson's  LisaForde 0 327 over a year ago
Quote that I really loved and should be used more often  LisaForde 0 183 over a year ago
Patrick Dempsey's speaking ..........  LisaForde 0 699 over a year ago
Funny bit from Prince Edward  LisaForde 0 255 over a year ago
If the cast who didn't get the roles for this film  LisaForde 0 503 over a year ago
Congrats to Idina Menzel  LisaForde 0 57 over a year ago
Becoming Enchanted fact  LisaForde 0 1658 over a year ago
My thoughts on the cast of Enchanted  LisaForde 0 322 over a year ago
Major goof at the restaurant scene  LisaForde 0 324 over a year ago
interesting fact  LisaForde 0 291 over a year ago
The look on Giselle's face when  LisaForde 0 881 over a year ago
About the film score  LisaForde 0 243 over a year ago
Everytime I watch this  LisaForde 0 449 over a year ago
Sweet moment in the film  LisaForde 0 435 over a year ago
Did anyone find the scene where  LisaForde 0 216 over a year ago
Saw this on DVD last night  LisaForde 0 619 over a year ago
Dempsey stars in yet another rom com  LisaForde 0 289 over a year ago
The detergent box thing  LisaForde 0 410 over a year ago
Patrick Dempsey's charcther in this  LisaForde 0 483 over a year ago
Patrick reminds me of my  LisaForde 0 155 over a year ago
Giselle is one lucky gal  LisaForde 0 383 over a year ago
I thought Patrick D was  LisaForde 0 363 over a year ago
Amy Adams B-day  LisaForde 0 475 over a year ago
A FEW MAJOR PLOTHOLES I DISCOVERED  LisaForde 1 295 over a year ago
The DVD of this..............  LisaForde 0 505 over a year ago
Height Question  LisaForde 0 690 over a year ago