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Benji and Joel Madden launch their new clothing line at Macy's called the "American Rag". Check out this hot exclusive interview with our guest host Rosie the editor of

Check out some of their new looks for girls, and woman's fashion. ALSO, don't miss their live acoustic performance in front of some of their wild and crazy fans at the Aventura Mall in Miami at Macy's.
Good Charlotte Gives Music Fans An Exclusive Live Online Performance Tonight

Good Charlotte Gives Music Fans a Virtual Front Row Seat To Live Performance Tonight Exclusively at link

Triple-platinum act Good Charlotte will take the stage in a live online performance for Sprite fans from the Pulse Recording Studios in Los Angeles TONIGHT, Monday, October 4 at 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST as part of the Sprite® Fresh Sound Studio.

Joel Madden from Good Charlotte commented, “We’ve had an awesome friendship with Buzznet for years and didn’t think twice when they approached us to be part of this music...
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posted by doraaaayeah
You’ve got to hand it to Good Charlotte. While most other disposable rock acts rolled out on the label conveyor belt have vanished into chart purgatory, eight years on from releasing their debut single ‘Little Things’ the pop punkers are still releasing top selling albums, selling out venues, and sending fans into meltdown.

If selling a collective ten million copies of their albums wasn’t enough to silence their critics, then their astoundingly solid fan base that sticks with them through changes in sound, line-ups, and direction, certainly has. As much of a staple in tabloids as they...
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I just wanna live – good charlotte

need an alarm system in my house
So I know when people are creeping about
This people are freaking me out (these days)
It’s getting hectic everywhere that I go
They won’t leave me alone
There’s things they all wanna know

I’m paranoid of all the people I meet
Why are they talking to me ?
And why can’t anyone see?

I just wanna live
Don’t really care about the things that they say
Don’t really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live (just wanna live, just wanna live, just wanna live 2x)

I rock a law suit when I’m going to court
A white suit when...
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posted by doraaaayeah
Welcome to the Studio!
Posted by Benji madden on August 25, 2009 at 8:30pm

Hey Everybody,
The day is finally here...Today we started tracking Caridology!

This is a day we have been waiting for for a long time. We have spent the last year writing and writing, throwing away, changing, re-writing and writing so more. We have a collection of songs o record now that I really believe are the best we have ever written. I love every lyric and every melody. I'm really excited to share them with you guys. Joel and I really have been digging deep on the lyrics, they are really the most personally songs...
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