Harry and Ginny Favourite Harry/Ginny moments

duckgoddess posted on Aug 03, 2007 at 05:02AM
Do you have any favourite moments between Harry and Ginny that you want to talk about?

Mine are:

- When Ginny tells him off because he's acting like a git in Order of the Phoenix

- Ginny gives Harry advice about how to talk to Sirius and they share chocolate in the library in OotP


- The break up, it was so poignant

- The scarce moments in DH, they were all great

What are yours?

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over a year ago snoznoodle said…
OMG Ginny running into Zacharias Smith on the broom after he gives that terrible commentary in a Quidditch match and her saying "Sorry Professor, forgot to break." LOL! She's Fred and George's sister for sure.
And Felix Felicis is probably my favourite chapter of the whole series.

And the kiss in bk 7.

Yes bk 7 moments were great.
over a year ago piperpayton22 said…
first kiss
kiss in the 7th book
over a year ago snoznoodle said…
Also when Ginny's saying Romilda Vane asked her if Harry had a Hipogriff tatooed on his chest. She said "I told her it was a Hungarian Hornatil. Much more macho."
Harry: Thanks. What did you tell her Ron's got?
Ginny: A Pygmey Puff. But I didn't say where.

And Hermione rolled on the couch laughing lol!
over a year ago Purplejumper said…
Haha yeah snoznoodle that was soo funny!

I loved their 1st kiss, it was so cute and she just ran up to him =]

over a year ago Purplejumper said…
Oh, and yeah the 17th birthday kiss, almost forgot it, that was the best moment =]

over a year ago BuffySummers17 said…
I love the Moment where Cho Chang was Going to take him to the Ravenclaw commom romm and Ginny was Likw Luna you Will take him!
over a year ago swimswamswum said…
BuffySummers17 that was hilarious!

I really didn't see how Cho could've thought she had a chance.
Flickerflame commented…
I don't think Cho did. Ginny was paranoid :D over a year ago
over a year ago Hazy said…
Does anyone remember what chapter in the Half Blood Prince Harry and Ginny first kissed, cos i'm reading it for the second time and am getting a little impatient waiting for it.
Flickerflame commented…
Sectumsempra. It's the last page of that chapter. over a year ago
over a year ago princesscool said…
the chocolate in the library, the lion in his chest when he sees ginny and dean, their first kiss, the tatto discusion when they first start dating!, all those secluded moments at hogwarts, book seven kiss for birthday is my all fav scene, when harry worries about ginny throught the seventh book and when they get married and have children oh when harry tries to imagine ginny getting married to someone else and gets upset! they are my alll time favorite couple! thats why i love the fanart cause it just illistrates whats in my mind!
over a year ago marzel_gw said…
i also loved their moments in bk 7....wow..how sweet is his birthday gift from the girl he luv...
over a year ago Mena09 said…
Mine are:

1. Ginny kissing Harry as his birthday present in DH
3. When they find each othr again in DH before the battle of Hogwarts

Love this couple!